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10 Easy Christmas Tree Crafts

Christmas is coming and everything at home must be prepared. The Christmas tree is one of the main elements of these endearing parties, but if you don’t have one yet, don’t worry. From here, we are going to give you DIY ideas so that you can make beautiful and easy fir trees to decorate your home. Take note of these 10 easy Christmas tree crafts

Origami Christmas tree

The origami or origami technique is known for creating paper sculptures without using scissors or glue. Creating a Christmas tree with this technique is very simple. You just have to stock up on green cardstock, a compass, scissors, skewer sticks, and brown clay.

First make several circles -five or six- with the compass on the green cardboard and each one of them a few centimeters larger than the previous one. Then cut them out. Take the circumferences and fold and unfold marking the folds until you have a total of 16 segments marked with the open circle. Then go making peaks up and down, guiding yourself through the folds. Do the same with the other circles. Cut a little of each down the center, except for the smallest. Make a ball with the plasticize and stick it on the skewer stick to act as a stop and a trunk and then go insert each circle, so that they form the top of the pine. When you go to place the last one (the smallest), put a little glue on the tip of the stick.   

Christmas tree with yarn, yarn or string

You can also make a Christmas tree using green yarn, wool, or twine. Take several sheets of newspaper and roll it up into a cone, cut the bottom to hold it up. Then cover the entire cone with clear packing tape or cellophane. Take white glue and dilute it with a little water in a container. Apply it with a brush to the entire pine and go wind the tape or thread little by little and fix with the brush and the glue. Then when you’re done, start over making another layer. If you choose to fill it up completely, do not let the newspaper be seen. This will happen if you opt for thick rope or wool. If you opt for thread, leave it unstuffed, so that later you can remove the cone and only the thread remains.

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Christmas tree with colored ribbons

Take a ribbon of the color you prefer and make zigzag waves on the sides and nail them to a skewer stick. Then stick the skewer into a base that you prefer and that is pretty, for example, a thick tree branch. You will probably have to make a small hole with scissors or an awl to insert the skewer. Then you can make a star out of newsprint or butcher paper and glue it to the end of the skewer.

Christmas tree with a chain

Do you remember the chains that we made at school with colored cardboard? Well, you can also make them in the shape of a fir tree and it will be great. Use the majority of green color and mix in some red so that it gives the feeling of being the decorations. Start with the one at the top and color it yellow to represent the star. Do it with the little ones and they will have a blast.

Christmas tree with corks

From now on, the idea of ??throwing corks out of wine bottles is over because you can make this original Christmas tree with them. You will have to take a solid surface and place each cork according to the photo below. The size of your proposal will depend on the space you have and the corks you have. And, importantly, don’t forget to put the icing on your Christmas tree with a star made by you. 

Christmas tree with tulle

Making a Christmas tree with tulle greatly develops your imagination and gives you absolute freedom to choose whether you want to make it in colors or in a single tone, for example, green, red or white, and you can add the decorations you want. This type of creation is also ideal to give to a family member or a friend and it is easy, fast and cheap. To make it you need tulle, scissors, thread, a fairly thick needle, and base to support the tree and spray paint, and a ruler. You can put as many layers on it as you want. 

Christmas tree with plastic plates

Take plastic plates and paint them green. Hit base four, then three, two, and one. The last one, paint it yellow. Then you can decorate it, for example with wrinkled balls of colored paper and stick them with glue. It is a perfect craft to do with children.  

3D Christmas tree

This craft is also easy and ideal to do with children. Take a green cardboard (or the color you want), draw a fir tree and cut it out. Then use this template to make a second one just like it. Then make two cuts in both and fit them in a T shape. Then you can decorate the tree as you want: stickers, paints, beads… Let your imagination run wild.

Felt Christmas tree

Felt or EVA rubber is always very recurrent when making crafts. Draw a fir tree and cut it out. If you have material of many colors, then you can join it with a string and form a chain, to decorate the tree as if it were tinsel. And if you have a hand with sewing, you can work harder on the felt tree, make it double and fill it with cotton.

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