140 Perfect 30th Birthday Captions and Hashtags For Instagram

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These are the perfect 30th birthday captions you can use for your social media captions for yourself, your friends, your girlfriend, or your boyfriend.

Turning thirty is scary but I promise you you are stepping into your best decade yet. Someone once told me, that the days before your thirtieth birthday will be the most stressful. I mean, you are growing older and probably haven’t achieved the things you wanted to achieve by the time you turn 30.

Now once you turn thirty, there will be no more stress because the worst has already happened. Congratulations on getting to thirty.

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Funny 30th Birthday Captions

  1. I will be 29 until further notice.
  2. Shoutout to my mama who was in labor 30 years ago.
  3. Talk Thirty to me.
  4. Dirty ThirtyOfficially 30, but still mentally about five.
  5. 18 with 12 years of experience.
  6. I am feeling older but not necessarily wiser.
  7. 30 is like being 29 but older.
  8. Happy 30th birthday! May your 20s rest in perfect peace.
  9. Another year older, but I’ll need some extra time for that ‘wiser’ bit.
  10. Made it to 30! I know. I’m as surprised as you are.
  11. 30 is only 12 in scrabble.
  12. I am not 30, I am 29.99 plus tax.
  13. I don’t care how old I’m turning, so long as there’s cake.
  14. Season 30 Episode 1.
  15. And just like that 1992 was 30 years ago.
  16. Never been 30 before.
  17. Are you really gonna scroll without wishing me a happy 30th birthday?
  18. I’m not like a regular 30-year-old. I’m a cool 30-year-old.
  19. I regret to inform you that your teens have now expired.
  20. Thou shall not stress over becoming 30 years old today. for there are other ages worse than 30 such as 40 or even 100. Happy birthday.

30th Birthday Captions For Myself

  1. I’m thirty, still a little flirty, and definitely thriving.
  2. Look at me, still awesome at 30.
  3. Today, I just want to thank God for adding another year to my life.
  4. Dear 30’s, I’m ready for you.
  5. Happy 30th birthday to me.
  6. It’s my 30th birthday today, and by all means, I shall party until I can party no more.
  7. Let the sun not give up on me, let the moon not move on without me. Happy 30th birthday to me.
  8. Staying 30 until further notice.
  9. Thank you all for all those who turned up to celebrate my 30th birthday with me. You made my day beautiful.
  10. Third floor, here I come.
  11. Celebrating 30 with some unconditional family love.
  12. I feel my 30ths will be my best decade yet.
  13. On a scale of 1-10, feeling a solid 30.
  14. Please be good to me, 30.
  15. Feels good to be at the age of 30; where all dreams come true.
  16. It’s my time to walk in the light and prosper in wealth. I’m 30 and I feel amazing.
  17. When 30 looks this good, you celebrate it in style.
  18. The older I get, the better I become.
  19. I am so blessed I made it to 30.
  20. Not everyone looks this good at 30, Happy birthday to me.

30th Birthday Captions For Boyfriend

  1. From the roaring twenties to the dirty thirties. Happy birthday, baby.
  2. May your 30s be extra dirty. Happy birthday!
  3. May this be the start of an extraordinary decade. Happy 30th Birthday.
  4. Here’s to 30 laps around the sun. Happy birthdays.
  5. Count your blessings before you start counting your wrinkles.
  6. I wish you a great decade full of happiness, progress, and excellent achievements as you turn 30 years today.
  7. Can’t believe you’re 30. Here’s to another year of amazing memories.
  8. I guess you never thought you’d someday be 30! Happy birthday.
  9. Now that you’re 30: Love it; live it and relish it.
  10. Just like wine, better with time. Happy birthday, babe!
  11. Look who just turned 30.
  12. Thirty definitely looks good on you.
  13. This is what 30 and awesome looks like. love you!
  14. Congratulations on turning 30! At this age, you can never ever die young.
  15. You’re 30, and it’s time to make yourself a priority. It’s your time to shine. Happy Birthday!
  16. Helping this one ring in 30. Cheers to another lap around the sun!
  17. I wish you a decade full of lucky charms and magical experiences.
  18. Happy 30th Birthday, keep growing, keep glowing and keep thriving.
  19. I wanted to get you a birthday cake but I couldn’t afford that many candles!
  20. May your thirties be kind to you as your twenties. Happy birthday my love!

Birthday Captions For Your Girlfriend’s

  1. Happy birthday, baby, later we’ll drink to your next chapter.
  2. Hoping you celebrate your 30th birthday to the fullest because a very special birthday such as this can only happen once in a lifetime.
  3. They say your 20s are the most fun time of your life, but your 30s are the happiest! Happy Birthday!
  4. May each and every step you take from this day onwards bring you closer to your dreams. Happy birthday!
  5. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and everything you can dream of!
  6. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I hope we stay together forever.
  7. Your 20s might have just abandoned you, but at least you can take solace in the fact that you have now entered your 30s and not your 40s. Don’t feel bad. Enjoy today!
  8. Time and tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty.
  9. Today is your birthday and you will be treated like the queen you are.
  10. Turning 30 sucks but you certainly don’t. You are awesome!
  11. Cheers to a woman who stays young! Only because she lies about her age. Best wishes.
  12. Cheers to you on your 30th! Looking at you I get what they mean by 30 is the new 20. You haven’t aged a bit! Happy Birthday!
  13. May your birthday be sweeter than an orgasm. Have an extremely pleasurable 30th birthday!
  14. Time and tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty.
  15. Welcome to 30 the age when you should know better, but you really don’t.
  16. Pop the champagne because this girl is turning 30.
  17. Growing and glowing, happy 30th.
  18. And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.
  19. Turning 30 doesn’t mean you can’t still party. It just means you’ve gotten really good at it. Happy 30th birthday.
  20. I hope your 30s come with a little bit of extra magic. May your dearest wishes come true.
  21. This is your special day and I hope I can make it much better for you to meet me. Happy birthday.

Best 30th Birthday Captions For Instagram

  1. Unlock level 30.
  2.  Joining the endowed club of the 30s. A blissful birthday to me.
  3. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and everything you can dream of!
  4. Celebrating my 3rd decade on planet earth.
  5. Bye-bye 20’s, Hello thirties.
  6. Thirty, flirty, and downright dirty. Happy 30th Birthday.
  7. It could be worse, you could be turning 31, or 32.
  8. Life begins at 30.
  9. Welcome to the big thirty! You are going to love getting old and enjoying these bittersweet days.
  10. Thirty is an attitude.
  11. One year older and one year closer to being as smart as I am! Just joking! Happiest 30th birthday!
  12. This is 30.
  13. Farewell to your youth, it was good while it lasted. Happy thirty birthday!
  14. Chapter 30, page 1.
  15. Hello, 30.
  16. I think you have really figured out this adult thing. I am so inspired by you! Happy 30th Birthday!
  17. Straight outta the twenties.
  18. Is that glitter in your hair? Whoops, I guess that’s gray! Happy 30th!
  19. Happy birthday to my beautiful friend.

Birthday Captions For Your Friend’s Birthday Captions

  1. Not everyone looks this good at 30. Happy Birthday!
  2. I hope your day is full of love and wonderful people. You are such a sweet person you deserve the very best.
  3. So you are now thirty years old? You are going to be a source of great wisdom and strength.
  4. Keep calm, you’re 30 now.
  5. Enjoy your 30th birthday, if such a thing is possible.
  6. Happy Birthday to an amazing person. I can’t wait to see what you do with your next 30 years!
  7. Don’t worry about turning 30. You will always be the same awesome person I know.
  8. 30 and aging like fine wine.
  9. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re old just because you’re turning 30. I want to be the one to do that.
  10. Keep your chins up! Turning 30 isn’t so bad! Happiest of birthday wishes to you, my friend!
  11. Look at you, turning 30 and sh*t.
  12. They say 30 is the new 20. But, they say a lot of things that don’t make any sense.
  13. 0ficially too old, Happy birthday friend!
  14. Here for the cake, and cake only.
  15. Bestie is serving cake and looks too. Happy 30th birthday.
  16. Welcome to the age your childhood self couldn’t even fathom. Happy 30th.
  17. The countdown to your midlife crisis has just begun. Tick tock tick tock. Happy 30th birthday.
  18. 30 is the perfect time to start learning how to lie about your age. Happy birthday.
  19. Being 30 is amazing! I hope you enjoy all the amazing things that make 30 one of the most joyful ages.
  20. I hope I look better than you do at 30!

Hashtags for your 30th Birthday Captions

  1. #30birthday.
  2. #30BirthdayGirl
  3. #30BirthdayBoy
  4. #Dirtythirty
  5. #30thbirthdayparty.
  6. #30birthdaycake.
  7. #30birthdaycelebration
  8. #30thbirthdayphotoshoot.
  9. #30birthdaybash.
  10. #30birthdaycakes
  11. #30birthdayshoot.
  12. #birthdayvibes.
  13. #Partylikeyou’re30
  14. #birhdayvibes.
  15. #30thfunfetti.
  16. #flirtythirty.
  17. #3rdfloor.
  18. #nerdy30
  19. #30strong
  20. #officially30

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