8 Simple, Minimalist Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

minimalist thanksgiving decor

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Decorating for Thanksgiving is such fun because the season is so festive. It’s fun to bring the outside in, while spending time with family and friends in gratitude. Plus, think of the beautiful food of this time of year. Even the food can be decorative, as you know, so let the food set the mood and start from there.

  • Bring the Outdoors In – Thanksgiving provides lovely outdoor vegetation, plants, flowers, leaves, pinecones and more that you can use for Thanksgiving decorating. It’ll be fun to do it too. Looking at everything in your yard in a new way is interesting.

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  • Less Equals More – When it comes to being minimal, less is always more. If you need to buy things such as serving platters, vases or anything, buy natural environmentally-friendly things and only what you really need.

  • Use Your Food to Decorate – Thanksgiving is all about love and gratitude, but it’s also about food. Therefore, why not use the food as your tools for decorating. Setting different food items up around the house where people are will be very festive.

  • Start a Cozy Fire – If you have a fireplace, Thanksgiving is an excellent to use it. Set it up beautifully with some fall flowers and pinecones and turn it on. The ambiance created from the light will provide décor and mood.

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  • Use Eco-Friendly Dinnerware and Serving Pieces – You can use your own regular glass dishes because they are already available to you. But you can also purchase disposable choices if that is easier. Plus, some of them look great for décor.

  • Go Natural – Use pumpkins, leaves, branches, and pinecones to make awesome Thanksgiving decorations that put you right into the season. Everything you find outside for your decorations is fully compostable, disposable, and biodegradable.

  • Repurpose – You probably already have things that will work if you change them up a bit. Look on Pinterest for some inspiration. You can turn any clear glass vase into a Thanksgiving decoration by filling it with fall flowers, leaves, or pinecones – or all these. Use your imagination and go free.

  • Core Them – Get some apples and core them. Set each one on a decorative plate, (or just use your coffee cup plates), put a little candle inside and light them for a beautiful natural decoration that just screams fall, yet uses what you have plus all-natural items.

It’s not that hard to be minimalist with your décor any time of the year if you make it a priority. Just think of what you buy before you buy it, and ensure you are buying only necessary materials. You can make it a game too if that helps. Ask your kids, family, and friends who are invited to send you inspiration while you organize and plan the festivities for everyone. Getting everyone involved can make it even more fun to take the challenge of minimalism even during the holidays.

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