About Sonya

Sonya Cocherell

I am a former Respiratory Therapist who had a strong desire to become a stay at home wife and Mom. To accomplish this, I had to learn how to save money in all areas of our lives.

Sonya Cocherell

My friends come to me for the latest information about new products or coupons because I search for the “inside story” every day. 

My husband’s name is Michael. We live in a little zoo. Rescue animals mean so much to us and that is where our heart is when it comes to furbabies. We have 3 sweet dogs. Walter, the Shar-Pei, a very serious dog.  Louie, a lab/pit mix, an extremely lazy dog who loves to eat. Izzy is a pit/American bulldog mix and the only girl and Sweetie is a furball (I don’t know what) that showed up at our home one day. We also have Patches. She is our only cat.

Anything I cook has to be EASY and CONVENIENT. Everything at our house is about convenience.

I live on my computer, iPad, and iPhone but I always have on Vudu or Netflix or regular TV.  I love to watch TV and movies.

Please contact me at hello@celebrateandhavefun.com if you’d like us to review any of your products or work with your brand.  I also love e-mail from my readers!