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If you have been visiting this blog for any length of time you have to realize by now that I love to bake.  If you are relatively new here you will recognize it pretty quickly. I love cookbooks and watching shows on TV.  One of my favorites is the Great British Baking Show. So I was really thrilled when the Bake with a Legend online baking classes started. I’ve taken several and have been quite happy with them. I have not been paid for this post, I just wanted to share the fun I have had.

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Bake with a Legend Online Baking Classes

The classes are taught by personalities from the different seasons of The Great British Bake Off. If you are a fan you will recognize them; Dan Beasely Harling from season 9, Howard Middleton from season 4, and Ian Cumming from season 6 to name a few. 

online baking class

The classes are very easy to sign up for – you just go to the Bake with a Legend website, click online classes and then look through the offerings. You can click on the class that interests you and it will open to a page that gives you information about what will be taught, the equipment you will need and the ingredients required. That way you can make a completely informed decision about taking the class.

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Easy to Challenging to Downright Complicated Bakes

There are classes for every level of baker from easier classes like choux aux craquelin to the more complicated classes like Howard’s Biscuit Seascape Showstopper. I’ve taken all levels myself; from treats I have baked before like Millionaire Shortbread – I made a batch as part of the fun that is the Great British Bake off Bakealong group I am in. That go ’round I played with the recipe a little and made and orange shortbread and a cardamom caramel. They were very tasty cookies.

millionaire shortbread

I recently took a class with Dan and made them the classic way. They came out beautifully and trust me, they did not last long around here. We gobbled them up.

Dream Bakes

What I really like about the classes is that they offered me the ability to learn how to make treats I had longed to try but was a little leery of just doing on my own. By having the class there is the ability to ask questions not to mention the whole thing is recorded and you are sent a copy at the end of class to refer back to any time you would like.


This was a perfect way for me to finally tackle an entremet. I had never attempted one of these complicated desserts but with the fine instructions and the online encouragement of the class I was able to get them made. My glaze was a little thin but lessons were learned.

When cut open they were absolutely beautiful and they were truly delicious. Once you make something like this you are ready to do it again and do it even better. Fancy desserts R me. Ha!

Fun and Entertaining Online Learning

Every class I have taken so far has been well run and a lot of fun. I have learned new skills or brushed up on things I sort of knew but have now reinforced. Taking a class and finishing a complicated dessert correctly leaves you with a real sense of accomplishment.

rainbow tea g'akes

I think my favorite so far has been the Rainbow Tea G’aykes or for those of us of a certain age – rainbow mallomars. Do they still make mallomars? They were my mother’s favorite cookie. These were super fun to make and they took me back to my childhood in so many ways. I can’t wait to make them again.

Learning to Make Pastry Classics

Signing up for a Bake with a Legend class can also teach you how to make some pastry classics like Gateau St. Honore. This was a “showstopper” class so it was 4 hours long instead of the normal 2. It was well worth it for this beautiful result:

The pastry was astoundingly delicious. The mess I made in my kitchen though was well, beyond description. The only thing is to show you the evidence photos…

In all truth, it didn’t take me that long to clean it up. I’m very thankful for my dishwasher. Never let it be said that I don’t have fun while baking with a legend!

What Other Classes are Available?

There are so many different options and they change up as the months change. What is so wonderful is you can sign up for email notices and you will always know what is on offer. That way if you see something you would like to learn to bake you can sign right up. Or you can be like me and just stalk the page. Ha!

That is basically how I ended up signing up for all of the classes that I took like the one for Napoleons. They weren’t called Napoleons in the class but that is what I know them as and so that is what I call them. That is the class that gave me insights into make puff pastry.

sacher torte

Classic Baking Fun

Some bakes are just classics like a Sacher Torte – a chocolate cake with apricot jam. Mine looked much prettier until Fang the Farm cat decided to “smooth” out the icing. Don’t worry we cleaned his paw before he could clean his paw.

chocolate rolls

Another fun treat I always wanted to try was the simple chocolate roll. Thanks to Bake with a Legend I have done this and they came out beautifully.

Can you tell I really enjoy these classes?

Sign Up for Online Baking Classes

It’s very easy to sign up for the classes – just go to and click on online classes. Then you can look them over and choose what you want to take. Checkout is easy. You are then sent a link all about your class and a zoom meeting link for the date of class. Reminder emails are also sent.

The times are generally in Greenwich Mean Time but you can figure out how to convert to your time zone with an online converter. Some of my reminder emails have come with the correct time for where I live but others have not so I just make sure I know the time. 

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