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best afterschool snacks

The best afterschool snacks for kids are those that keep them going and don’t make them feel sluggish, sleepy, or hungry. Below are the 5 best afterschool snacks for kids to help keep them active and full of energy!

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The 5 Best Afterschool Snacks

1. Nunbelievable cookies ~ they have low-carb, no sugar added, gluten-free style cookies. Pecan Sandy is my favorite and trust me, they ARE DELICIOUS. They have four keto/low-carb varieties plus sell many other cookies. They are a definite must-check out for after-school treats. Nunbelievable donates one meal for each cookie sold. They are a company that truly believes in giving back. These are my TOP afterschool snack pick! Think of these for lunches too :)

2. Granola Bars ~ Granola bars are a great after-school snack for kids. It provides them with essential nutrients and it contains fiber, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. The best part is that it comes in an assortment of flavors so kids will never get bored of the same old flavor.

3. Cheese Stick or String Cheese ~ Cheese is one of the best ways to get calcium and protein in your diet. Cheese sticks and string cheese are healthier, more convenient alternatives to other snacks.

4. Nuts or Dried Fruit Combo ~ A healthy afterschool snack should combine protein and fiber to keep kids feeling full. Nuts have more protein than most dried fruits, and dried fruits have more fiber than most nuts.

5. Yogurt ~ Yogurt can provide a nutritious snack for children. With the help of probiotics, yogurts can provide a dose of calcium and protein. They are also a great source of Vitamin D and B12, which are important for brain development and cognitive function.

What Do You Consider The BEST Afterschool Snacks

Well, I’ve given you my top 5 BEST afterschool snacks for kids. As, I said the Nunbelievable cookies are my first choice. They are my new favorite personal snack. ***Hint*** Buy a bag for your teacher, she’ll love them.

best afterschool snacks

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