How To Keep Brownies From Falling Apart When Cutting?

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We know once you smell the oven-fresh brownies, you cannot resist eating them, but baking brownies needs a lot of patience. So many people cut the brownies as soon as it comes out of the oven to enjoy the hot treats. 

Cutting the brownies when they’re still hot is the biggest reason they fall apart. However, there are more common reasons brownies fall apart, which we can look at in the next section.

Reasons for brownies falling apart when cutting:

Following are the possible reasons why your brownies are falling apart when cutting:

1- Cutting the brownies too early:

Trying to cut brownies that are not cooled down can cause them to fall apart. The reason is that when it is too hot, the brownies can stick to the knife and start crumbling.

Brownies need at least 2.5 hours to get ready after they are baked. At least half an hour under the fan and 2 hours in the refrigerator. Do not think about cutting them until they are set. 

2- Instantly taking it out from the tray:

The most common mistake is removing the hot brownies from the tray by pulling up the butter paper from the sides. This can break the butter paper, or the brownies may stick on the tray and break.

3- Cutting brownies on an uneven surface:

Never place the brownies on an irregular surface when cutting. Instead, place the brownies on a flat surface to get even slices. 

4- Too many dry ingredients in the brownie mixture:

The brownies will turn out dry and crumbly if the brownie mixture has too many dry ingredients, such as flour. Also, they will break while cutting or when it is picked up.

Similarly, adding too less flour will result in thin brownies. So make sure to add the right quantity as per the recipe.

5- Cutting too-cold brownies:

Don’t refrigerate brownies before cutting them. Just cool them in a refrigerator for 2 hours and then cut them. 

Some people put their brownies in the freezer, and when they take them out, they’re icy cold. Cutting them in this situation will also cause them to fall apart. So make sure to follow the recipe properly.  

6- Egg sizes are not the same as the recipe:

Carefully read the egg size written in the recipe you are following. Sometimes we add small eggs instead of large ones, which might dry the brownies and cause them to fall apart.

7- not using a proper knife:

Using a regular knife will cause the brownies to fall apart when cutting because the knife will stick the brownies. So, use a non-stick or a plastic knife. 

If you only have a regular knife, try oiling it before cutting the brownies. 

8- The brownies are overcooked/overbaked: 

Sometimes the temperature mentioned in the recipe does not match the temperature of the oven you have. Overcooked brownies form a thick crust on the top, and they become hard, so when you cut them, they’ll fall apart.

9- Not using greased parchment paper: 

When the tray is not correctly greased before you put the mixture in, it will stick on the tray’s surface. So when the brownies are cut, they come out in pieces.

The trick is to use a parchment paper lining on the tray. First, grease the tray with oil, and put a parchment paper lining over it that is larger than the tray itself. After that, grease the lining thoroughly. 

By the end of this article, I will suggest the perfect cutters to cut the brownies. Read along.

Solution or how to cut perfect brownies:

Here are a few tips to keep your brownies to fall apart when cutting.

1- Wait for 2-2.5 hours to let the brownies sit correctly:

Once the brownies are out of the oven. Forget them for 2-2.5 hours. The brownies will go under the fan for almost half an hour (depending upon the room temperature), after that, they will sit in the refrigerator for almost 2 hours. 

Cut your brownies when they are 

2- Use a proper knife:

Use a long and non-stick knife to cut your brownies. 

Use a greasing spray to grease the plastic knife before cutting the cooled brownies. Clean the knife after each cut.

3- Use a smooth continuous motion while cutting the brownies:

Use the knife’s top edge, insert it in the brownies, and go forward with a soft-cutting movement without taking out the knife till the end.

Using a long knife will help you in this process. 

4- Use a spatula to pull up the brownies from the tray:

Use a brownie spatula to take out the brownies on a plate. Avoid doing it with the hand.

5-Do not cover the tray when brownies are hot:

Never cover the brownies when it comes out of the oven, instead, put them at room temperature to cool.

6-Never put hot ganache over the hot brownies.

Always put the ganache or topping when the brownies are thoroughly cooled.

What should you use to cut and serve brownies?

We have many handy tool recommendations to cut and serve brownies perfectly. Here are two of them.

What to use to cut brownies?

I suggest Brooklyn Brownie Copper by GOTHAM STEEL Nonstick Baking Pan with Built-In Slicer, a baking pan with a built-in slicer. This pan will give your brownies a perfect and equal shape without destroying them. 

You can also use other cutters or knives to cut your brownies. Read the following points. 

1- A brownie cutter:

This brownie cutter by Binnoraie Asia has a stainless pan and a brownie slicer to ensure perfectly sized brownies. The slicer must be put in the pan before the batter is poured into it. Then, after the brownies are baked, the slicer helps you take out uniform-sized brownies without cutting.

(Get your brownie cutter on Amazon)

2- A non-stick or plastic knife (greased):

As I mentioned earlier, you should use a non-stick knife to cut your brownies. If you don’t have one, use a plastic knife and grease it. 

(click to order a non-stick knife on Amazon)

3- A long knife:

The knife you choose should be long and sharp to cut your brownies perfectly. 

2- Pick with a brownie spatula:

This stainless steel brownie spatula by Cake boss is a must-have. It will help to serve the brownies perfectly without destroying them.

(order your brownie spatula on Amazon)

Which knife is best for cutting brownies other than brownie cutters?

If you regularly bake brownies, I suggest getting a specialized brownie pan with a built-in cutter. 

There are many other options to cut the brownies nicely, but the best tools are 

1- Cutting brownies with a plastic knife:

Trust us, a plastic knife is the best tool to cut proper brownies. These inexpensive knives prevent stickiness and cut the brownies without cracking or falling apart.

2- Cutting brownies with a chef’s knife:

The one with the metal blade works wonders. The key is to spray the knife nicely with oil.

3- Cutting brownies with a pizza cutter

Pizza cutters are not only for pizzas; you can also use them to cut brownies. Lightly grease the pizza cutter before starting to cut the brownies. The tip is to avoid putting extra pressure on the tool and just go with the flow.

How do you keep brownies from cracking when cutting?

Keep in mind that a few cracks on the top of brownies are expected as the batter of the brownies dries out when it is baked. But too many cracks mean something went wrong during the preparation of the batter. You can prevent your brownies from cracking by:

  • Not overbeating the batter.
  • Don’t overbake them.
  • Don’t put it under the fan if you live in a low-temperature area. You can turn on the fan if you live in a warm environment. 

Is it better to cut brownies when hot or cold?

Definitely cold. Hot or warm brownies are the biggest reason to fall apart when you cut them. But make sure that the brownies are cold, not frozen. Do not put them in the freezer to cool them faster. 

How long should brownies cool before cutting

Wait for 0.5 to 1 hour to completely cool the brownies at room temperature. After that, let them sit in the refrigerator to cool down perfectly. After that, you can cut it. 

How to cut brownies in a round pan?

First of all, let it cool completely. Once it is cooled, slowly remove it from the pan and place it on a flat surface. Next, take a plastic knife or a chef’s knife, grease it properly and do two vertical and three horizontal cuts to make 12 equal-sized brownies. Similarly, you can cut a round-shaped big brownie into 6 and 8 pieces.

Using a pizza cutter to cut the brownies in a round pan is a better option. 


The brownies will fall apart when cutting if they are hard, warm, or you are not using a proper tool & technique to cut them. Follow the recipe properly, let the brownies completely cool down before cutting, and use a proper tool such as a plastic knife (greased), a non-stick knife, a chef knife, or a pizza cutter. Your knife should be long and sharp. 

If you regularly make brownies, I suggest getting a brownie pan with a built-in slicer, such as Brooklyn Brownie Copper by GOTHAM STEEL Nonstick Baking Pan with Built-In Slicer.

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