Christmas decorated doors: Original and beautiful DIY decorations for 2022

Christmas decorated doors original and beautiful DIY decorations for 2021

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Christmas decorated doors original and beautiful DIY decorations for 2021

The Christmas decoration that you can do with your own hands is one of the best, right? It may not be as beautiful as if you buy the decorations in specialized stores, but of course it will have a unique and most personal style. All your guests will notice the original and beautiful DIY decorations that you have put on for decorate your home!

And as we know that details cannot be missing anywhere, we present you with a few ideas for decorated Christmas doors for 2022 that will serve as a source of inspiration. But how pretty they are!

First of all, prepare the necessary materials for your Christmas door

The ideas of doors decorated for Christmas that you are going to see below are varied and very interesting: there are decorations made with felt and colored details, with typical Christmas balls, with empty rolls of toilet paper… Therefore, first of all, select the idea that you like the most and prepare the material that you are going to need. This way you can have a much more elegant result, just the way you like it!

Also, keep in mind that these proposals are ideas, you can copy them as they are and you can also take the main idea and give it your personal touch to make it much more interesting: a detail in your favorite color, an ornament on the door that matches the one you have in the hall,a craft that the children have made… Your guests will see as soon as they arrive that in this house you can breathe a good Christmas smell. Let’s go with the suggestions of decorated doors to show off your style at Christmas!

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DIY decoration ideas for your door at Christmas

We start with a batch of the most original ideas that you will surely love. Which of these crafts are you going to make? It will be hard for you to decide on just one!

Christmas wreath to decorate the front door

It’s the typical ornament , right? The one that they put in the houses in many homes and that the guests spend a while looking at before ringing the bell. They are sold in any store, but since we know that you like DIY, we advise you to prepare your wreath with holly leaves, bottle corks or lights and tinsel and place it in the center of the door. You can even leave a cardboard mailbox for your family and friends to write down their best wishes, a Christmas phrase or anything else that inspires them, what a nice detail!

Christmas figures

Are there small children at home? Nephews who are going to see you on Christmas holidays? Then surely it seems like a perfect plan to spend an entire afternoon cutting Christmas figures out of felt or cardboard: a gingerbread cookie, Santa, the three wise men… and also decorating to your liking, you know that children are the ones who have the most creativity for these things. Where are we going to put them once they are all finished? Well of course! At the door of the house!

3Santa Claus

And what do you think of a very large Santa Claus as an ornament to decorate the door of the house for Christmas? It will appeal to the older ones and also to the little ones and it is something that we can easily do ourselves with a little cardboard, colors and white pom-poms. Remember to put a small sack next to it with some packages wrapped in shiny gift paper sticking out.

Door decorated with bows

If you put some big bows that cover the front door from top to bottom, you will have a different, original decoration that will also take a little time. The point is that you let your imagination run wild and surprise yourself with what you are capable of doing. Let’s do it!

with Christmas lights

You will have to put something as a base to hold the lights that is seen as little as possible and program them to turn on only at a specific time or when it detects that someone has arrived home. It will cost you a little more to prepare this Christmas decoration, but the result will seem so beautiful that you will immediately realize that the effort has been worth it.

felt decorations

Felt decorations: a red-nosed reindeer, Santa, a small Christmas tree, a boot or a sock, look great under the tree, on the mantel in the living room and also on the front door. And it doesn’t take much to give a little life to the entrance, to make it look different, to help us get out of the routine. The decoration is also perfect as a family pastime!

Christmas balls

You can put lights and also create a nice design with Christmas balls , just as if you put them on the tree, only on the door of your home. Take a look around to get inspired by the design that you like the most or just give free rein to your imagination, surely you will come up with more ideas than you think. Of course, that the balls have a balance of colors, your house will look like that of a famous one!

red stars with glitter

There are those who like to decorate the door from top to bottom with as many things as possible and there are those who opt for a minimalist style, less loaded and simple, but just as beautiful. If you are one of the latter, what do you think about placing some stars on the door? Intense red color with glitter sparkles. It will be so chic that more than one neighbor will end up copying the idea.

Christmas garlands to decorate the entrance for Christmas

Garlands are another typical decorative element of these family parties that can be placed on its own or combined with other details such as lights, balls or even the crown. You will have to decide if you want yours made of cardboard, tinsel or felt. Choose according to your tastes and according to the rest of the home decoration.

Christmas Stickers

You can order your Christmas stickers with the message that you like the most: ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Happy New Year’, ‘Long live the Christmas spirit’ and place them, instead of on the window, on the door of the house. Just remember that it has a color that stands out with that of the door so that they can be seen well. How original has been!

Decorations with dried pineapples

You know, you take some dried pineapples, it is season so you will easily find them in the parks, you paint them white as if they had snow. Then you prepare some ribbons or strings and place them at the entrance of the house so that your family and friends can appreciate your good taste when they come to visit you for Christmas.

Tips for decorating the front door for Christmas

Decorating the front door with Christmas decorations will help you make your home much more beautiful, to enjoy some time doing something you like and also to give your neighbors a bit of the Christmas magic that we love so much. We continue with our ideas, we still have a lot to see!

Figure of the Three Wise Men

If before we have considered the possibility of decorating the door with a figure of Santa, now we are considering doing the same with the Three Wise Men. When their majesties leave after leaving their gifts, they will be amazed at how well you have represented them.

With the children’s drawings

Another idea that you will surely like as much or more than the previous ones is to ask the children to make some Christmas drawings on cardboard, to color them and cut them out and, with your help, to paste them at the entrance of the house. This is going to be one of the decorations that you like the most of all, you will even want to save them to take out again next Christmas!

Elf figures

A really big elf or Santa’s elf helper, what’s another great decoration idea? Here you also have several options to choose from: cardboard, easy to create and put on, or felt, something more elaborate, especially because of the size, but much more attractive and interesting.

Snow stars

As you can see, there are decorations that are designed solely to decorate the door, such as the crown, and others that change places, such as the snow stars that are placed in windows and that we now take to the door. We love those that have a snow effect, and you?

Messages with our best wishes

Do you know what else you can do? Prepare some envelopes and hang them on the door. Now you just have to put a message in each of them: a Christmas greeting , a message of good wishes for our loved ones, a phrase with a Christmas flavor … You have a lot to choose from!

Cardboard Christmas tree

With toilet paper rolls decorated and painted in various shades of green: light, dark, lettuce green, fir green, we create a Christmas tree (put some cardboard to make the base of the Christmas tree) that we will place at the entrance of home. Don’t forget to put some balls or a star in the cup, also made of cardboard and in a color other than the green of the branches. The little ones in the house will be the ones who will appreciate this wonderful decoration best, you’ll see!

Tinsel to decorate the door

If you go a little tight for time, it happens to us too, but still you do not want to miss the opportunity to decorate the door of your house, what you can do is put a little tinsel in bright colors, but not in any way, that it is funny, beautiful, that it is seen that you have good taste and that you have worked hard. It will help you recover the Christmas spirit that is often forgotten by the rush of everyday life.

Christmas reindeer design

You see, you put a wreath of leaves in the center of the door , prepare a reindeer figure with antlers and a red nose included with 3D cardboard and put it inside the wreath so that you achieve the effect of the reindeer coming out of it. Yes, we know, it is one of the most laborious decorations that we have shared with you, but, since it is about having the best ideas in your hand, we could not rule it out!

Holly leaves and corks

With a few holly leaves and some bottle corks that you can collect until you have a few, you can also create beautiful decorations to put anywhere in the house, including the door: a wreath, a Christmas figure, simply a postcard, a star or maybe a lucky number. Choose the one you like best, prepare a template to make it easier for you and have the design ready before placing it in the center of the door.

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