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Christmas decorations

We often insist on continuing to believe that the old decorations that are put in the same box year after year do not go out of style. But, as in everything, when it comes to decorating your home for this Christmas, renovation and good taste count a lot. Get rid of those decorations that are too old and take note of this year’s trends to create a house with an authentic Christmas spirit.

Figures for the Christmas tree

Some brands have already rushed to present the new decoration proposals for Christmas 2012, such as the Italian firm THUN . The house is betting this year on glass in the figures, which will provide a touch of elegance and lightness. But ceramics, the star material of many other seasons, continues to make a strong impact at these festivals as well. In addition, the iconic figure created in 1950 by the brand, the angel, continues to find its place among these endearing pieces.

The manger

As for the Nativity Scene for this year 2012, THUN has incorporated new figures, both in the classic size and in the Jubilee (larger): a shepherd, a fish seller, a hayloft and a tree with a lamp are some of the new proposals. Another original novelty is the mini Nativity Scene, a crib in a reduced version that can be purchased in sets. The firm also has a nativity scene inspired by the Holy Family and a complete one that incorporates the wise men.

As important as the figures for the tree or for the manger are the tableware that will contain the delicious foods that await us in the abundant Christmas meals. For this reason, we must not forget to take care of the details also in this area. THUN has created a special tableware for this Christmas called Jingle Bells, consisting of a collection of coffee sets full of color and joy. Other key elements proposed by the brand would be the chandeliers with flickering candles that illuminate eyes and hearts.

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Share this! Your friends will love it...