Cooking with Flowers by Miche Bacher – Cookbook Review

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About the Book:

Bring simple, fresh flower recipes to your kitchen table! Edible flowers are abundant and easy to cook with but are often overlooked as being intimidating or too fancy. Cooking with Flowers is filled with special confections and easy everyday treats that everyone will love, from jewel-toned Violet Jam and pretty pink Lavender Lemonade to Pansy Petal Pancakes and Carrot Sunflower Cake.
In this book, you’ll find easy-to-follow recipes and beautiful photographs, as well as the fascinating history and meaning of flowers, plus tips and tricks for finding, cleaning, and preparing edible blossoms. This essential guide covers all the classic uses for farm-fresh, seasonal flowers—whether they’re sourced locally or plucked from your very own garden.

About the Author:

MICHE BACHER is an herbalist, chef, and owner of the custom confectionary studio Mali B Sweets. She lives in the waterfront village of Greenport, New York.
MIANA JUN is a photographer specializing in food, weddings, and flowers. She is based in Brooklyn.

My Opinion:

I have had flowers in salads before but I have never considered them for much more than pretty additions to salads or as cake decorations. This book has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. I had no idea that flowers could be used for so many different results. They can be infused for teas, made into jellies and added to muffins. You can even use the flowers from your herb plants. Such fun to be had. I’m now trying to convince the hubby that I need flowers planted. So far he is just rolling his eyes at me, but a girl can hope!

We do have a load of dandelions growing and for the most part they are used as goat fodder.

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They do love them! Perhaps I might sneak out and pick some to try in one of the recipes in this book. The recipes are written in an easy to follow manner and many of them can be adapted for tasty treats without the flowers.

There are quite a few recipes for squash blossoms and I will have a lot of them come summer and I will assuredly give them a go when I have the flowers on hand. Despite my best efforts the hubby keeps planting three mounds of zucchini so I have more than I need. The squash blossom quesadillas sound really tasty. April is just not a flowering time of year for Montana.

The photos are gorgeous and showcase each recipe beautifully. I love a cookbook with lots of pictures. It makes it so much easier to compare what you make to what the author intended.
This is a useful cookbook for a cook that likes to experiment but it’s also great eye candy.


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Disclosure:  I received a free copy of Cooking with Flowers from the publisher, Quirk Books, for my honest review. I received no compensation for this post.

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