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Decorate your Christmas tree with easy-to-make decorations

Christmas is just around the corner and the decoration of our house should not be a headache. Surely a situation sounds familiar to you: you take the boxes out of the storage room and they are the same decorations from every year. But with the number of expenses looming, it’s not a plan to spend a fortune redecorating the house for Christmas. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend money on party decorations. You can decorate your Christmas tree with easy decorations to make yourself. 

Easy and cheap ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree

Redecorating your Christmas tree will no longer incur an extra cost. It does not matter that you are not a ‘handyman’ or that you are somewhat clumsy when it comes to DIY because we are going to give you the keys to make the coolest, most original, cheapest and easiest tree decorations to carry out. Take note, choose the one(s) you like the most and go for it.

 Cork decorations for your Christmas tree

Don’t throw away the corks from wine bottles and start recycling them, as they can be very useful for your Christmas tree decorations. Yes, yes, you read correctly. You can easily make very fun and original Christmas decorations with corks. Well, you can make Christmas candles, small reindeer, original little trees… and much more! You just have to pass a wire through the cork and decorate it to your liking. 

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Pompoms with paper napkins

Take paper napkins (the rigid ones that they put to dry your hands in the dispensers) or sheets of paper. Put four or five together and fold them into a fan shape. Then tie a thread in the center. Cut the tips of the leaves in the shape of a beak or lance and thread a ribbon through the thread. Unfold the leaves little by little, opening them until they form a flower-like pom-pom. Perfect even to decorate your Christmas table. 

 Don’t miss the pinecones on your Christmas tree

Surely there is a pine forest near your house. You just have to collect some pineapples and tie a string to hang them from the tree. You can also spray paint them gold, white, silver… and even with glitter. There is no easier decoration to make and more result.

Miniature gift packages

Surely you have seen them many times in Christmas decoration stores. They are so beautiful… and also very easy to make. You just have to get a cardboard box and cut squares the size you want to make the package. Cut several and glue them on top of each other. Then wrap them in the wrapping paper that you want or that best matches the decoration of your tree . For example, if the balls or tinsel are blue, ideally the package paper should be patterned with blue accents. Then add a bow and string to hang it.

Christmas silhouettes with CDs, perfect for your Christmas tree

Surely you have some other CD at home that you don’t use and you don’t even know what’s recorded on it. Make a drawing of a Christmas silhouette on it, for example a fir tree, a snowman, a candy cane, a star … And cut it out with scissors, being very careful not to cut yourself. Then make a hole and put the string to hang. There will be some modern, bright and original decorations.

DIY Christmas balls for your tree

The most traditional decoration is the balls, but if you are tired of the same old ones, you can also make them yourself with light bulbs, fabric, Styrofoam… We will tell you about it in this article .

Christmas bows for your fir tree

Along with balls and tinsel, there is nothing more typical of Christmas than bows . Buy the fabric that you like the most: printed, gold, silver, velvet… and make bows of the size you want for your tree. It will give you a sweet and romantic touch, as well as elegant.

Ornaments made with light bulbs for your Christmas tree

Let’s see what you think of this idea. It is about recycling the light bulbs that no longer serve you at home and that you were going to throw away sooner or later. You can paint the bulb as you like, for example to make a snowman the ideal is to paint it white and stick some buttons on it. It is about making original, beautiful and, above all, economical decorations. 

Christmas decorations with fabric or felt for the tree

Surely you have some fabric or fabric that you do not like in your house, right? Now you can use it by making decorative objects for Christmas that will surely surprise everyone. Choose a fabric, preferably felt , and cut out the shape you like best. You can choose stars, snowmen and endless beautiful drawings. Fill the figures with a little cotton to give them shape. 

Christmas silhouettes and figures with cardboard for your pine tree 

Surely you have some cardboard at home that you haven’t thrown into the bin yet… Now you can give it a new life! Take that cardboard, cut it out in the way you like best and paint it with the typical colors of Christmas. This Christmas decoration will be very original and practical that you can also make with toilet paper rolls.

Bottle caps, ideal for making Christmas decorations

Just as the cork from wine bottles can be used to make a candle, beer or soft drink caps will help you make fun pieces . Get several plates, stick them on a thread one on top of the other and make original snowmen or shapes that you can think of. Give it a more fun touch with a piece of red yarn that simulates your doll’s scarf, and add eyes, nose, mouth and buttons in black with a marker. 

Christmas decorations with coffee capsules

If you have a coffee machine that works with capsules, don’t throw them away! You can recycle them in the form of Christmas decorations to hang on your tree. You can make very nice colored bells that, in addition, can be used to decorate other rooms in your house, such as the Christmas table or your door.

Eva rubber decorations for your Christmas tree

The decorations made from Eva rubber or foam are, without a doubt, the easiest to make. In addition, they are a great idea to do with children at home and have an entertaining and fun time. You can make from stars to Christmas balls through fun Santa Claus and reindeer. Let’s do it!

Decorations with paper for the Christmas pine 

We finish with another very simple idea to elaborate and, in addition, very economical. It is about making Christmas decorations with paper or cardboard that you can decorate yourself, you can even add photographs to your decorations to personalize the Christmas tree, or the names of your family members. 

After all these ideas that are so cheap and easy to carry out, you no longer have an excuse not to change the decoration of your Christmas tree every year.

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