Eco Friendly Bamboo Kitchen Utensils are the Smart Choice

bamboo kitchen utensils from Bambu, AD

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I was sent a glorious box of eco friendly bamboo kitchen utensils and other items from Bambu to use in my home. All opinions are my own.

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eco friendly bamboo kitchen utensils from Bambu, Ad

Why I Use Eco Friendly Bamboo Kitchen Utensils

The hubby and I moved to our little farm with a plan in mind. We were going to settle down after living on the road traveling and live a more eco-friendly life. We built the yurt and set up the gardens. Now we grow about 85% of what we eat. I make most of our pasta and all of our snacks. Our goal is to be as easy on this Earth as we can. We have made some great strides but we still have some changes to make.

One of the easiest changes you can make is to use bamboo kitchen utensils like the ones I have just discovered from Bambu. The company makes some awesome products out of all natural, organic bamboo. The advent of these products in my kitchen have allowed me to stop using the few plastic I had left. I still have some stainless steel for specific purposes but I love bamboo for most everything I do.

Bamboo Cutting Board and Recipe for Hummus

I don’t know about you but I have more than one cutting board. Several are bamboo and I just love them. I must note that the one I received from Bambu is the nicest, design wise.

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bamboo cutting board from Bambu, ingredients for hummus, Ad

I have been using it since I received it and the surface is smooth and great for cutting and chopping. This bamboo cutting board is easy to clean and keep ready for the next use. I used it to make delicious homemade hummus. If I had know earlier how easy it was to make hummus at home I would have started doing so. I try to always keep some in the refrigerator for an quick and easy lunch of hummus and crackers.

The sleek, bamboo cutting board will also work well as a serving board for your dinner table. You can use it for either presenting sliced meat or for cheese and crackers. It’s simple style will fit any decor.

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Why Bamboo?

What makes bamboo such an ideal material for kitchen utensils? It’s strong and best of all it’s sustainable. Did you know that bamboos include the fastest growing plants on the planet? Certain species can grow 3 feet in 24 hours! That is some serious growth.

That’s why I like using it around the kitchen. It’s a great wood for spoons and spatulas. Bambu also makes these really cool pot scrapers for cleaning pots and pans but they are good for so much more. I understand there is a list and I submitted use #22

scraping dough out of bowl with pot scraper from Bambu, AD

dough scraper! It was very useful when I was making my babka dough – it’s sticky stuff! The pot scraper helped me get all of the dough out of the bowl so it could be put on to rise. (The recipe for the babka will be up next week!) I have also used these scrapers to clean my pizza stone and yes, for a pot or pan here or there. The bamboo is strong and does not split.

Useful Utensils

One of my favorite utensils from Bambu is the “Give it a Rest” Bamboo Spatula. It’s a beautifully designed and very useful item. So much more than a spatula. I have been using it to stir sauce and as my go to for anything on the stove if truth be told. It has this really cool feature…

give it a rest bamboo spatula from Bambu, AD

…a built in rest. That way when you rest it on the counter the tip of the spatula sits above the surface so it doesn’t leave a splotch. Woo hoo! I also gave it to the hubby to use when he made his morning eggs.

He found it to be very comfortable to use and was quite happy to give up the old utensil he had been using. I am thrilled to have these all natural, organic utensils in my kitchen going forward. Every little choice made to not use plastic will help. In fact, this year we are going to change how we freeze fruit for the winter and vegetables on the farm to using reusable containers rather than zip bags. We are taking steps big and small to do what we can to help this Earth. Wait ’til I tell you about the air source heat pump we just installed so don’t have to a.) burn wood and b.) use propane for heat.

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