19 Best Hallmark Christmas Movies To Put You In The Holiday Spirit

hallmark christmas movies

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I love to watch Christmas movies in November and December and some of my favorite ones are Hallmark movies. I find that Hallmark movies are either super cute and fun to watch, or super boring and don’t keep my interest at all. One thing I love about all Hallmark movies is that they end well and are happy.

I’ve watched plenty of them in the last few years and made a list for you of the 18 best Hallmark Christmas Movies. One of the things that can make or break these movies for me is who the actresses in them are. I get so excited when I know the actress because that usually means I will like the movie.

Here are my favorite movies:

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1. Christmas at Pemberley Manor

Starring Jessica Lowndes. I loved Jessica on 90210 when I was in high school. so it’s fun to see her in other things too. This movie is a feel-good movie about an estate that’s for sale. Jessica’s character is an event planner and she starts to fall for the estate owner.

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2. A Christmas Detour

Starring Candace Cameron Bure. As a 90s kid I grew up watching a lot of Full House, which had Candace in it. In this movie her character is trying to get to NYC to her fiance, but falls for someone else along the way.

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3. A December Bride

Starring Jessica Lowndes. She is not excited about her cousin’s wedding since her cousin is marrying her ex. She brings a fake fiancé to the wedding, but it turns out they have real feelings for each other.

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4. Christmas Incorporated

Starring Shenae Grimes. This is the only Hallmark movie I know of that has her in it. She goes to a job interview and gets the job, but only because her boss thinks she’s someone else.

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5. The Christmas Parade

Starring AnnaLynne McCord. Her character finds out some bad news and goes to a new town during Christmastime. She finds herself in some trouble and has to stay to do community service. She then helps with their Christmas parade and learns what’s important about the holidays.

6. Finding Santa

Starring Jodie Sweetin. Another actress from Full House! Stephanie was my favorite on Full House growing up, so I was super excited in 2017 when I saw that she was starring in a Hallmark movie. She’s in charge of the town’s Christmas parade and has to find a replacement Santa, which seems hard to do.

7. Christmas Under Wraps

Starring Candace Cameron Bure. A few years ago I was super excited to find out that she stars in Hallmark Christmas movies. This was the first one I ever watched and it got me hooked. She plays a doctor in this movie who moves to Alaska and finds out that her new town has secrets.

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8. Merry Matrimony

Starring Jessica Lowndes. She has to work with her ex boyfriend to plan a Christmas wedding.

9. Matchmaker Santa

Starring Lacey Chabert. She played Gretchen Wieners on Mean Girls and I think she’s a great actress. In this movie, she owns her own bakery and is dating a CEO. His best friend has a crush on her though.

10. The Sweetest Christmas

Starring Lacey Chabert. She’s in a gingerbread competition and has to reach out to her boyfriend from culinary school for some help.

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11. Christmas Joy

Starring Danielle Panabaker. She has to go home to help her aunt recover from surgery and rekindles things with an old crush.

12. A Very Merry Mix-Up

Starring Alicia Witt. She goes to meet her future-in-laws and everything that can go wrong does go wrong along the way.

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13. A Wish For Christmas

Starring Lacey Chabert. Santa grants her a wish to help her with courage.

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14. Family For Christmas

Starring Lacey Chabert. She wakes up one morning and is all of a sudden married to her college boyfriend and they have two kids together.

15. Broadcasting Christmas

Starring Melissa Joan Hart. How could I not love a movie with Melissa Joan Hart, who was Sabrina the Teenage Witch?! She and her ex are fighting for the same job on a talk show and start to remember why they used to like each other.

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16. Switched For Christmas

Starring Candace Cameron Bure. These identical twins aren’t too happy with what’s currently going on in their lives. They decide to switch places till Christmas Day. My twin babies aren’t identical, but I still love anything having to do with twins!

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17. Journey Back to Christmas

Starring Candace Cameron Bure. A nurse from WWII gets taken to the year 2016. She learns about family and Christmas.

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18. Northpole

Starring Tiffani Thiessen and Bailee Madison. The Northpole is powered by holiday magic, but is in jeopardy after people get too busy to celebrate the holidays. 

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19. Northpole: Open for Christmas

Starring Bailee Madison. A woman inherits her aunt’s inn and decides to sell it just before Christmas. A team of elves help her learn what Christmas is really about. 

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It will be so much fun to see what new movies Hallmark comes out with this year! Thankfully we won’t have to wait too long since they start showing them pretty early in November.

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