Hilife Humidifier Review

fang and humidifier

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I was sent a Hilife humidifier at no charge for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

The husband has the worst sinuses in the world. OK. Maybe I do not know this as fact but after living with the man for almost 40 years I can attest that he is not happy with them. He suffers in the cold and he suffers in allergy season. He has been particularly unhappy since moving to Vermont as we left our climate controlled house in Montana. We plan to install a similar heating/air system here but it will take time so for now the house is heated by forced hot air through an oil burner and it is D.R.Y.

That is why he was such a happy man when Hilife offered me the chance to review a humidifier. It would put some nice moisture back into his environment. I am fortunate in that I do not suffer with differences in heating/cooling systems as he does. So read on to learn about the (affiliate link) Hilife Cool Humidifier.

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hilife cool humidifier

Hilife Cool Humidifier Review

Hilife sent their 2.5L, 25 watts, Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for me to review. The husband had been looking for a humidifier for a bit so the timing of Hilife’s contact was pretty much perfect. It arrived and he set about unpacking the box…

humidifier in box

…it was very well packed. This is always good to know when you are having products shipped these days. I have had some things arrive in less than ideal condition. So since this was for the hubby I handed it off to him and let him unpack it.


Also, I don’t know the first thing about running a humidifier. (Although after watching him with this one I found that it’s easy as pie.) He actually had a go at reading the directions which is unusual behavior for him. Usually he just has at it.

fill the humidifier

Setting Up the Humidifier

This was very easy – he just added the water and then moved the dehumidifier to where he wanted it for it’s trial run. For the first go round he put it close to his chair in the living room …

what is that

… where a certain cat became absolutely fascinated with the steam coming out of the top. Any guesses which cat? Anyone? Of course it was Fang! None of the other cats even noticed the machine but Fang was fascinated.

He sat there staring at the steam.

Had to see it from all sides! He is still fascinated today. It’s been our entertainment around here. We really need to get out more, don’t we?

Specs for the Humidifier

Here is some important information about the humidifier straight from the Hilife site:

  • Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers: This humidifier instantly and safely moisturize the dry air to create a pleasant and breathable atmosphere that frees you of dry nose, dry throat, dry coughs and some other cold-like symptoms.
  • Humidifiers for Bedroom Ultra-Quiet: Professional sleep mode ensuring sleep peacefully throughout the night with the humidifier’s near-silent operation and Display Off feature
  • Smart Air Humidity Control: The humidifier is designed to automatically detect room humidity and thus pause or resume spraying visible mist streams to keep rooms at your preset and most desirable humidity level

fang and humidifier

  • Safe Protection: The humidifier will stop automatically when water runs out
  • Easy to Clean and Fill: Top fill design with detachable components makes the vaporizer much easier to clean and refill
  • Easy to Use: The control buttons and LED indicator are right in the front and easy to access. Three adjustable haze levels make you have the most comfortable environment
  • About Warranty: 2 Years + 1 more year for email subscriber
  • Free Replace & Return: Not satisfied with purchase experience within 30 days

How Well Does the Hilife Humidifier Work?

The hubby is very pleased with the (affiliate link) Hilife Humidifier. He has been having sinus issues and is very pleased that we now have this in the house to help with the very dry environment. Our heating system is old and will eventually be replaced. It is also very drying so adding the moisture back into our house is a very good thing.

He has been happy to have it running the last few days. At night he carries it up to the bedroom and he has found sleeping much easier so that is just wonderful. I am very glad we have brought the humidifier into the house.

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