How to Create Simple Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

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Christmas is coming and the decoration of our house must accompany these special dates. Whether we are very themed decoration on these dates, or if we are not, there are two or three elements that are not usually missing in any home: the tree and the nativity scene, or both, and the Christmas garland or wreath on the door of home or somewhere in the house.

We love to go through the doors of the houses at Christmas and find the typical crowns or garlands that give that homey touch to our houses on these important dates. If you are bored of always putting the same crown on your door, we will give you some tips so that this year you can create a new one you, using cheap materials that you will surely have at home. The base for the shape of the crown is usually a cardboard cutout in a round shape and with a hole in the center (doughnut), either more or less in diameter depending on how you want to make it or the dimensions of your door. A wire can also be taken as a basis. Be that as it may, we leave you the best ideas to create simple Christmas wreaths and garlands.

Tinsel wreaths for your door at Christmas

It is one of the easiest ways to create a crown to your liking. You just have to take a cardboard and cut it in the shape of a circle or oval of the dimensions you prefer. Then take a tinsel of the color you want, it can be green to look like vegetables or red, the color of Christmas. Glue it with silicone so that there are no free gaps and tie a bow or string at the top. Do you want to add something else? Bet on some element to stick on the tinsel, for example pinecones, balls, mistletoe… Give it your imagination. 

Trendy wreaths with DIY Christmas balls

Surely you have leftover Christmas balls at home that you have changed from the tree and have saved. What can you do with them? Reuse them for your DIY crown! Take a wire hanger and open it up. Give it a rounded shape and start inserting the balls at one end. You can make it one or two combined colors or many shades, you choose. Close the crown and add a bow that matches the balls you have placed. You can also take a less rigid wire and insert the balls to create a garland and decorate a fireplace sill, a mirror frame or hang it on the door of your home.

Ideas of Christmas wreaths of fabrics or with fabric shapes

Leftover Christmas fabrics can inspire you to make these fabric-shaped wreaths. Then take molds of shapes that you like and have simple lines: heart, star, candy cane, fir tree… Draw them on two pieces of fabric and stitch them together (if you do it with a sewing machine it will be more homogeneous), leaving a space to fill it with cotton. After filling it, close the hole with another stitch and cut it out with die-cutting scissors, a little removed from the seam to leave a little edge in the shape of the figure.. Once you have made several, you can stick them on cardboard in the shape of a crown or put a string on them and hang them with tweezers to form a garland… You choose. If you don’t dare with sewing, you can always make chariots and stick them on the crown or cone forms, which are much easier and turn out phenomenal too.

How to make Christmas wreaths with cork, cardboard or paper

These crown ideas are great to do with the little ones in the house, especially when it comes to paper or cardboard. You will only have to cut these cards with fun shapes and glue them in the shape of a crown. You can also create a round cardboard base and stick whatever you can think of in the form of a garland: wool pom-poms, corks from bottles to recycle, coffee capsules, discs that you no longer use… 

Simple Christmas wreaths with clothespins

Surely at home you have many pegs to hang clothes that you no longer use, either because they are old or because you have new ones. Be that as it may, take advantage of them to create a Christmas wreath by gluing them on a cardboard in the shape of a circle. You can paint them in various colors, such as white, glitter, blue, red or green, and you will have a perfect garland made with your own hands to decorate your door .

Christmas wreaths made with threads or wool

Christmas wreaths made with threads or wool are the homiest. To make them yourself, with your own hands, you will only need a piece of cardboard in the shape of a circle or an oval and the wool you want, in the color you prefer: white, green, red… you have a lot to choose from! 

Christmas wreaths inspired by nature

If you want to bet on a Christmas wreath that is reminiscent of nature, the earth, wood, the most rustic decoration, then these wreaths are for you. Bet on elements such as pineapples, twigs, green leaves or even flowers and paste them in the form of a crown, all together and with colors that combine with each other. You will have an original crown where they exist, and will thus bring a very different touch to your home. 

Fun and trending Christmas wreaths or garlands for the whole family

If there are small children in your house or you want to give your home a touch of fun at Christmas, there is nothing better than betting on a Christmas wreath that is a little more colorful, fun and original. You can opt for a crown inspired by the Grinch, another by Santa Claus or the Three Kings, one with a snowman… They are a little more elaborate, but the result is very attractive. 

Christmas wreaths with fruit or nuts

A Christmas wreath with fruit or nuts is also an original and simple option in equal parts. You will only have to get a round-shaped structure, such as cardboard, and stick on it all those fruits that you want to add, which can be artificial to save you the work of varnishing them so that they do not get ugly. If you want to opt for nuts, you can stick as many as you want one by one until you form a compact structure. Then add a layer of varnish or glue on top so they don’t fall off. Clever

DIY Christmas Wreaths with Newspaper

Let’s see what you think of this idea… It seems simple, and it is actually one of the easiest to make. You can use cardboard or leftover cardboard from toilet paper and glue them together to get a circular structure. Then, use newspaper to stick small pieces around your structure with white glue. To add more charm to your wreath, use other Christmas elements such as bows, balls or flowers in colors like red or green. 

Ideas for Christmas wreaths or garlands with the Nativity scene included

Catholic families, in addition to decorating their house with the Christmas tree, usually put the Nativity Scene with all its figures to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus. If this is your case, this time you can choose to add the Nativity Scene to the door of your house through a beautiful garland or crown that you will surely love. Take note of these ideas! 

Handmade Christmas wreaths with buttons

If you have buttons in your house that you no longer use or that you anticipate that you will no longer use, or if you like the idea so much that you want to buy a few, this Christmas wreath can be very striking for your home. It is a structure based on tinsel or wool with various colored buttons glued on top. These buttons can be of many shapes (better if you combine small with large) and of different colors. Try to make it yourself! 

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