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How to make Christmas balls at home: personalized balls for 2021

Christmas is coming and that’s why you have to think about several things: gifts, food, looks and decoration. There are many headaches at these parties and also many expenses. We want to give you a hand with the Christmas decoration of your house so that you can save a few euros and, in addition, your house looks elegant, as well as original and unique.

We are going to give you some tips on how to make your own Christmas balls at home, both to hang on the tree, to incorporate into centerpieces, decorate home furniture accompanied by tinsel or alone… Once you choose your favorites, you choose to what are you going to use them we tell you everything about the trending personalized balls in 2022.

Step by step to make personalized Christmas balls: 2021 trends

The best thing about this DIY is that you can choose colors and patterns to perfectly match the tones of your home decor. Also, if you have children at home, we are sure that they will be encouraged by these crafts, they will collaborate with you and they will find it a great plan for the rainiest and coldest days. So grab a pen and paper and jot down these steps to create personalized Christmas baubles.

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Transparent Christmas balls

You can buy transparent plastic balls or recycle light bulbs that are burned out and no longer used. Unscrew the cap and remove the filament from inside. Once this step is done you can fill it with whatever you want: tinsel , paint, paper balls, crumpled paper, small twigs from your Christmas tree… You can also spray paint or paint them. The balls do not have to be round, you can also use them in different shapes and sizes to give more dynamism to your decoration.

Pom pom Christmas balls

You can make them in various ways. If you opt for fur pom-poms, you must take a ball that you do not use and line it with the fabric of your choice, be it terry cloth, fur, velvet… If you opt for wool, you can make a normal pom-pom, in the color of your choice and leave a piece of wool to hang it on the tree. If you make them in different colors, it will give a childish and cheerful touch to your fir tree. If, on the other hand, you want your tree to be elegant, opt for the combination of two colors, for example, pearl gray and white.

Paper Christmas balls

You can also take advantage of newspapers or magazines that you have at home and recycle their paper. Take an old Christmas ball or one that you want to redecorate and make chariots with the papers. Glue them around the ball, making parallel rows with white glue. You can leave them like this and they will be very original or you can choose to paint them later.

Painted Christmas balls

If you are a handyman and you are good at painting, you can also choose to take a ball and decorate it with paint to your liking. Choose gold, silver, glitter… All these colors are ideal for Christmas because they are the most festive. You can also incorporate stickers. Keep in mind that they will be uneven, but that is the beauty of the handmade product. If you are going to do this, we recommend that you choose balls of the same color, even if they are of different sizes so that, although the paint is different, the background color is the same and is more harmonious.

Cardboard Christmas balls

These types of balls are extraordinary and develop the creativity of young and old. Get yourself paper plates and white cardboard. On said cardboard, draw a large circle and simulate as if it were a Christmas ball. Then, paint it with the colors that you like the most and stick your “ball” on the cardboard paper. The result will be a most original decoration .

Fabric Christmas balls

To make them, you only have to choose the fabric that you like the most – you can buy it or use scraps of clothing that you have at home or remnants. Then you can line a ball -this is the easiest way- or you can take the fabric and fill it with paper or rice, close it by making a little bag with a bow that you like and if you are going to hang it on the tree, add a string. You can choose golden fabrics with elegant prints or with the traditional Scottish plaid that work so well in Christmas decorations.

Beaded Christmas balls

Take a piece of cloth, put rice in it making a small bag and shape it round. Then take needles and string them with the beads you want to decorate the balls with. Once you have finished some needles, stick them into the balls. We recommend that you make a few, because the thicker it is, the better it is aesthetically.

Sequin Christmas balls

With a Styrofoam ball, you can stick or pin gold, silver, colored sequins… Let your imagination run wild.

Patchwork Christmas balls

Take a ball of porexpan and draw the grooves that will serve as guides and then put the fabric through that groove. Choose the different pieces of fabric that you are going to use to decorate the ball and cut them to the measurements of the grooves. If the joints are too visible or it looks regular, you can always hide it by gluing velvet or satin ribbons of some color on the joints.

Christmas balls with message

You can paint for example a ball with matte black paint and then write messages on them with white markers or do it the other way around, paint them white and write the messages in black. You can also combine both for an elegant decoration in black & white or make them personalized with the name of a loved one.

Christmas balls with colored thumbtacks

A very simple way to decorate your Christmas tree is to make some Christmas balls with Styrofoam and thumbtacks. Yes, thumbtacks can help you (a lot) to decorate your Christmas balls. How? Very easy! Take the ball and stick the thumbtacks very close together. You can choose the color that you like the most, arm yourself with patience and start creating this fun design

Mosaic style Christmas balls with CDs

In addition to all of the above, you can choose to recycle the CDs that you have at home and no longer want to use to make a quick, beautiful and very striking Christmas ball design. Cut your CD into small pieces and paste them into a transparent ball. To finish, you can put a gold or silver fabric inside and that’s it! You can also use the CD itself and decorate it as you wish, you will have a very beautiful flat Christmas ball. 

Ways to place personalized Christmas balls

If you want to go further with your personalized Christmas baubles for 2021 and want to bet on a more original and innovative placement, we have what you are looking for! Pay attention to these ways to place the Christmas balls beyond the tree . 

At the Christmas tree

The classic Christmas tree cannot be missing in this section to know where to place the Christmas balls that you have made . You can choose to decorate your entire tree with handmade balls, or you can combine them with others you buy. Any idea will be good! 

With threads

If you want to opt for another way to place those Christmas balls that is not the typical tree, you can get long strings and hang them from the ceiling of your house. A good way? With a little tape, so you don’t have to make holes, since the Christmas ball will weigh little. Place them in your living room or at the entrance, they will be spectacular! 

In a Christmas wreath

A good way to give prominence to the Christmas balls is by making a beautiful wreath for the door of your home. You will only have to make a piece of cardboard in a circular shape with a hole in the center and gradually glue those Christmas balls that you have made. All DIY and with pleasure. 


To decorate your Christmas table and delight your guests not only with dinner or lunch, you will have to bet on elements placed in the best possible way. Also, that table cannot miss a center, how about you do it with Christmas balls? And if you have made them yourself, much better. 

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