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How to make original Christmas stars for your tree: ideas for 2021

If there is a decoration element that takes on special importance at Christmas, although it is precious for any other time of the year, it is the stars. A star guided the Three Wise Men to the manger so that they could meet the Child Jesus and, for this reason, its meaning has such an important value during the Christmas season. It is also one of the most versatile Christmas decorations , since it can be used to decorate tables, complementing centers with other elements, in garlands, furniture, as a wreath at the entrance to the house, to hang on the tree or as a tip of it and , of course, in the mysteries or portals of Bethlehem.

If you are also passionate about this type of decorations for its sweetness, as well as for its elegance or its zymology, take note because we are going to give you the keys to make your own original Christmas stars at home easily and cheap. Also, if you have children at home, they will surely be delighted to lend you a hand with Christmas crafts. Record these ideas for 2022 , you will love them.

Christmas stars with sticks and string

Get sticks of the same thickness and size, they can be skewers, for example. Arrange them in the shape of a five-pointed star and stick them with contact glue. Once dry, paint the star gold. Then take some pita string and make random crosses across the star, customizing it to your liking. You can also brown the rope. Now you have your craft ready! 

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Christmas stars with beads or beads

Take three wires and put beads on them so that the sequence of each one is the same. Then join them in the center and you will have a very elegant star. You can do it with colored, golden, pearl-shaped beads … It all depends on what you want to use it for and what decoration you want to combine it with.

Christmas stars with wooden strips and leaves

Take ten wooden slats and join them to form a star. Glue the ends with glue. Once the structure is solid and consistent, stick on olive twigs, pineapples or natural elements to give your star a more special look. You will have a star to decorate your home in a more rustic way, it is a perfect idea for 2021!

Christmas stars with wire

Take a piece of paper with a star printed on it or draw it. Put the wire on top and begin to shape it into a star with the help of pliers. Then wrap string or wool of the color or thickness you want, depending on the size you have made your star. If it is small to hang on the tree, opt for string and if it is larger to hang on the door of the house, for example, you can use thicker string.

Christmas stars with toothpicks

Form a square by fitting the toothpicks and then another. Place them opposite each other and tie the joints with red thread, for example. Let one more thread stick out so you can hang it on the tree. What do you think of this idea of ??Christmas stars for 2022?

Christmas stars with felt

Draw some stars on felt of different colors. Then cut them out. You can use it to hang on the fir tree, for the wrapping of your gifts or to make a garland. Felt will be the protagonist of your Christmas decorations.

Christmas stars with sticks from the field

Take sticks from the field and cut them equal in size. Then tie them unevenly down the center. Paste the joint with silicone and pour a little on the tips as well. Then paint the union and the ends silver. You already have your craft ready !

Christmas stars with ice cream sticks

Paint the popsicle sticks the colors you want. You can even use glitter. Then paste them forming eight-pointed stars. What do you think of this idea? It is ideal to do with children .

Simple Paper Christmas Stars

Perhaps this is one of the easiest, cheapest and simplest ideas to carry out . You just need a bit of paper that you no longer use, such as newspaper, and cut out the shape of your star several times. Then you will have to glue all your cutouts around a thread or a wire with the help of glue to be able to hang it on your tree.

Christmas stars with toilet paper rolls 

Toilet paper rolls can be used to make many crafts: from Christmas balls to pretty stars, even Christmas wreaths . You only need 5 rolls of paper to crush them, and each of them is one of the arms of the star. You must paste all of them, and then paint them in the color that you like the most to complete your craft

Christmas stars with cardboard

Cardboard can be your great ally when it comes to making crafts. In addition, you will recycle shaping your Christmas stars for your tree. What more could you want? You just have to cut the cardboard in the shape of a star, and paste the pattern that you like the most, which you must print on a sheet of paper. 

Christmas stars with threads or wool

Another fun and original way to add even more color to your Christmas tree is with stars made with yarn or yarn. You will need a star-shaped cardboard, and many threads of the colors that you like the most. Wrap all the threads or wool that you have chosen around the cardboard and that’s it! 

Christmas stars from bottle corks

If you are passionate about wine at home, this is your craft! Collect all the corks from the bottles that you are no longer going to use and save them to make a pretty star. When you have enough paste them following the way you like the most, and you will have your Christmas decoration ready. We recommend that you paint it a glitter color to give your tree lighter. 

Christmas star with lights

This type of star is very similar to one of the previous ones, in which you had to take sticks from the field and tie them with the help of a thick rope. To make this star we recommend that you get bamboo canes, tie them and add garlands of lights. You can surprise your guests with a beautiful star at the entrance of your home. Think no more! 

Crochet or crochet Christmas stars

Whether you like to sew or want to learn how to do it, crochet or crochet Christmas stars look great and can be used to decorate the whole house. You will have to get the thread of the color you want and get down to work. These stars can hang on the tree or decorate your Christmas table , you decide! 

Christmas stars with buttons

If you have buttons that you don’t use at home, or if you want to get a few, this Christmas star is very original and is also very showy. It is about making a star-shaped structure with cardboard or wooden sticks and then gluing all the buttons with silicone. A good way to do this is by randomly pasting buttons of different sizes. It will be perfect!

Christmas stars with clothespins

Christmas stars can be made with all kinds of sticks, as we have seen throughout the previous ideas. You can also create your wooden star and paint it as you like, it will also be a great idea to do with the little ones in the house. One idea is to create this Christmas star with clothespins, ideal for spending an entertaining afternoon with the family.

Christmas stars with Eva rubber or foam

It is one of the easiest ways to make Christmas stars, and it is that Eva rubber can be used for any Christmas decoration. You will only have to draw a star template and cut out the Eva foam in that way. You can decorate your star with beads, glitter, markers… and anything else you can think of! 

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