Noodlemania by Melissa Barlow – Cookbook Review

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I received a free copy of Noodlemania from Quirk Books for my honest review.

About the Book:

  • Kids love pasta! It’s fun, easy to make, and good to eat. Noodlemania! serves up 50 great recipes to play with in the kitchen, from crazy-cute Super Stuffed Slugs and Ladybug Salad to savory Totally Tortellini Kabobs and Big Fat Cheesy Shells. It even has recipes for sweet desserts and snacks, like Sweet Ramen Trail Mix and Crunchy Cinnamon Noodle Ice Cream Sundaes.

Noodlemania! also teaches basic math skills and includes fun pasta trivia. How many thousands of years ago was the word noodle first used? What is the world record for the largest meatball ever? Let your kids have fun in the kitchen while sharpening their cooking skills with Noodlemania!

About the Author:

MELISSA BARLOW is the author of 101 Things to Do with a Salad and Easy Cut- Up Cakes for Kids. A food writer and editor, she lives with her husband and three children in Salt Lake City.

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My Opinion:

What a fun cookbook! It takes classic noodle based recipes and makes them fun for kids to both help make and eat. The book is broken down into the different categories of noodle and even offers a dessert section!  One of my favorite titles was “Green Stink Bugs” – a very simple presentation of cooked orrichette pasta with pesto sauce. But how much more fun is it to eat Green Stink Bugs than Orrichette with Pesto? Huh? Serve a simple salad on the side and you’re ready to go!

The book has easy to follow directions and lots of fun facts along way – such as ladybugs are thought to bring good luck with the recipe for Little Ladybug Salad. There are loads of photos and some adorable illustrations. Many of the recipes could easily be followed by older children wishing to prepare dinner for the family.

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There is nothing new or groundbreaking in the book but there is a whole world of FUN. Making food fun is half the battle in getting kids to eat things that are good for them. Noodlemania will help do that.


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Disclosure:  I received a free copy of Noodlemania from Quirk Books for my honest review. I received no compensation for this post.

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