Original and cheap ideas to decorate your table at Christmas

Original and cheap ideas to decorate your table at Christmas

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Original and cheap ideas to decorate your table at Christmas

If we organize Christmas dinners or meals in our house, one of the biggest headaches can be the decoration of the table at Christmas. In case you want to change and not put the same thing every year, you do not need to spend a fortune on new table linens, nor on centerpieces, or on napkin holders or new glasses, Surely at home, you have many objects that, suitable and well decorated, they will work perfectly as candle holders or as decorative elements on your Christmas table. We give you some original and cheap ideas to decorate your table at Christmas.

Centerpieces to decorate your Christmas table

You do not need to buy ready-made Christmas centerpieces because, in addition to using them only once a year, they are usually quite expensive. Find an element in your house such as a wooden or glass tray, a box or a flat fountain and it will serve as the base for your center.

From here, you can make it however you want. Pine cones, dried flowers, Christmas balls, plant elements or candles will be your best allies. Natural flowers, like Easter ones, are also great. Look in your garden or terrace, surely you have a little plant that can come in handy for decoration.

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Candles to decorate your Christmas table

As with centerpieces, it is not necessary to run out and buy candle holders or candlesticks because any glass container, whether it is a vase, jar, bottle or even a fish tank , can be used to place a candle inside and decorate the interior. With pineapples or green.

The glasses are also a good and original option to use as candle holders: take a glass and put it upside down on the table and at the base of the glass you can place the typical round candles and inside the glass put mini Christmas balls, flowers or green leaves. Get imaginative. If you have a cake stand at home, it can also be a good option to create a centerpiece with candles, since it has some elevation.

Ways to decorate your Christmas table

Table runners are a good way to dress a table at a special lunch or dinner like Christmas. We love them for rectangular or square tables. If the tablecloth you are going to put on is plain, you can opt for a table runner with embroidery or also plain. If the tablecloth is printed or has embroidery, it is best to choose a table runner in one of the colors so that it stands out.

You can place the table runner right in the center of it so that it acts as a separation between some diners and others and take the opportunity to place the decoration – centerpieces, candlesticks or candle holders – on it. Another way to place the paths is across the width of the table, so that it is serving as small placemats for each diner and the one in front. Table runners are also a good option to use without a tablecloth. The ideal is to do it when the table is made of noble material, such as wood, and is untreated, that is, it has a more rustic appearance.

Protocol for the Christmas table

Many people like to define the places where each person should sit at a table. When it is a single table, the ideal is to mark the names of each diner in the place where they have to sit. But forget about the cut-out pieces of paper that are so insipid.

It’s Christmas ! Choose to put the names so that they are integrated into the decoration. For example, you can tie the tags with string to a pinecone and put them on the napkin or tie them to a pine branch. You can also use wine bottle corks, slit them on one side and use them as a support to place the cards with the name of each person next to the glasses.

Napkin rings to decorate your Christmas table

Napkin rings are also a great option when it comes to giving a distinguished touch to a table. If you don’t have one at home, don’t worry because you can make them by tying a pretty ribbon, for example gold, to the napkin or a string and attaching the label with the protocol, accompanying it with a dry flower or a cinnamon stick.

Under plates for the Christmas table

The under plates is the most common way to decorate a table in a special way. You can opt for crockery or hard plastic plates or even give an original touch with raffia or wood plates.

Add the menu next to the cutlery

An original and striking idea that will not take you any time to do is to add the menu so that your guests know what awaits them during the night. This type of decoration is common at weddings, however it can give a very distinctive touch to your Christmas dinner. Print the menu with a nice font, preferably on cardboard or harder sheets, and put it next to the cutlery and the napkin holder that you have previously made. Your guests will be surprised! 

Don’t forget to decorate the chairs

In addition to the decoration of the table, it is very important to take into account the decoration of the chairs that are arranged around it. To avoid a decoration that is too pompous, we recommend that you only use a red bow, with a sprig or mistletoe, on each of the chairs. You will give a touch of elegance to your dinner without having to spend a lot of money on it.

A detail for your guests

Do you want to be the perfect hostess this Christmas? Do not forget to give all your guests a detail that they will never forget. Place in each and every one of the seats a small bag that you can make yourself with paper and a string around it. Inside you don’t have to spend money to buy each of them a gift, just make Christmas cookies and put them in the bags. 

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