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Through my blog, I’ve been lucky enough to review SO MANY nice items. My favorite items to review are always homemade sweets and desserts. I ALWAYS LOVE to try new sweets. I recently found Pamela’s Famous Brownies. She will send patriotic desserts to your home for your 4th Of July party this year!

Pamela’s Famous Brownies is well known for being the best homemade deep dish brownies you’ll ever taste! Let me tell you, after tasting Pamela’s brownies myself, I agree. Pamela sent me her famous “firecracker” brownies and almond joy brownies. Oh my, they really are the best brownies you’ll come across.

If you are planning a 4th Of July party this Pamela’s Famous Brownies can take a LOAD off your planning by delivering your patriotic party desserts to your home. Pamela has the firecracker brownie. It can be (spicy or not), mine wasn’t spicy. I did add the pop rocks to my firecracker brownies though. They were really good, so soft and fudgy.

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I also tried the Almond Joy brownies. Almond Joy candy bars are my favorite. I have a hard time passing them by while being on Keto. I acted like I wasn’t on the diet while I was reviewing Pamela’s brownies though, lol. Her brownies didn’t disappoint at all. The Almond Joy’s that were placed on top of the deep dish brownies just set them off! Yummy to your tummy!

Pamela’s brownies are soft and moist. As I’ve said, they are deep dish brownies. I know I’m not a great cook, but I DO KNOW good brownies! I don’t know how she can get these brownies to turn out yummy!

Even Sweetie wanted to try these patriotic desserts ~ (I was trying to tell her – dogs can’t have chocolate)

Pamela’s brownies have been chosen to be added to a subscription box this coming up in August. I think that is a huge accomplishment, right there! We all are working hard these days, it’s nice to have some recognition. Go, Pamela!

So, if you are having a Fourth of July party, you know you will be needing some patriotic desserts. Have Pamela’s Famous Brownies send you some goodies. You will be SO happy that you did. Your guests will be happy too.

You can purchase all types of brownies (she even mentions special requests) at Pamela’s Etsy store. Follow her on Instagram (because you know I do)!

Patriotic desserts home delivered

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