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Safety is on everyone’s mind this year. I can only imagine that Halloween will be no different. It might help ease parents’ minds if you hand out personalized Halloween treat bags this year.

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If you did this, parents would know what specific treat bag of candy came from you. I know that I would have felt a lot better knowing exactly who had given what Halloween treat bag to my child.

If you are looking for name labels that you can use for personalized Halloween treat bags you can try Name Bubbles. They have a variety of labels to choose from. Right now, they are running a special where you can SAVE 20% sitewide! Just use code SPOOKY20.

Kids love Halloween and I love to see kids happy. Keeping them safe is so important. I think having personalized Halloween treat bags, it will ease parents’ minds. It would have eased mine.

I dearly hope ALL of you have a SAFE and Happy Halloween! Download my FREE printable Halloween activity mat to hand along with your candy!

Personalized Halloween Treat Bags

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