Pike in Papillote with Violet Balsamic Reduction Sauce on Israeli Couscous – Recipe #ad

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I received a sample of Violet Balsamic Vinegar from Devo Olive Oil Company.

I am lucky enough to have a friend that when I barter she offers up the delicious lake fish that her husband catches in the beautiful alpine lakes here in Montana. I’ve gotten bass and pike and both are yummy which coming from me is saying something since I am not a big fan of fish. This recipe uses pike but could easily work with any mild, white fish.  It showcases a surprising vinegar – Violet Balsamic Vinegar. I know! I’d never heard of it either and it was a revelation. Not overly floral but very, very distinctive. I knew from the first taste that it would be perfect with citrus and delightful on fish. So here is my humble effort:

Pike in Papillote with Violet Balsamic Reduction Sauce on Israeli Couscous

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It was not at all complicated and it was very delicious.
The full directions are in the widget – everyone liking the widget? – but I’ll give a brief description with step by step photos here:

Place the orange slices on the greased parchment.

Add the seasoned fish, dried tarragon and additional orange slices.

Fold most of the way, add the wine and orange juice, fold over completely and pop in the 350° oven.
While the fish is cooking make the sauce. I also made some simple, roasted green beans – what else! – to finish out the meal.

OPEN CAREFULLY!!!!!! Steam is HOT!!!!!
This is actually a wonderful way to cook fish as it stays nice an moist.

The fish goes over the seasoned Israeli couscous and the sauce on the fish.

The violet flavor is not at all overwhelming; it’s somewhat hard for me to describe. It – don’t laugh – tastes a bit purple. It did not taste like perfume and just the slightest like a violet smells.  OK, OK. I know. That is really bad for a description but it is REALLY good. It was truly delicious on this fish and I can see it being just as yummy on vanilla ice cream. The violet paired exceptionally well with the orange juice.

I never said I was an expert. I just know what I like…..

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