Pregnancy Care Package and Survival Kit Ideas

pregnancy care package ideas

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Helpful Gift and Survival Kit Ideas for Pregnant Women

If one of your friends or family members has announced their pregnancy, a care package is a great way to congratulate them! Pregnancy is a beautiful, wonderful thing. However, it’s a really uncomfortable and trying time for a lot of mothers. Putting together some comfort items is a really sweet gesture.

I found a lot of useful items during my pregnancy and want to share them with you. Whether you are pregnant yourself or are shopping for someone who is.

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20+ must have pregnancy survival items - for pregnancy care packages and kits

What to Include in a Pregnancy Care Package or Survival Kit

Morning Sickness Relief Drops

Morning sickness is something that affects a lot of pregnant women. Ginger drops were a total lifesaver for me!

Sea Bands

These wrist bands are another way to combat morning sickness. There is a ball that goes on the inside of your wrist that helps combat nausea.

Water Bottle

Drinking enough water is really important in pregnancy. Having a large water bottle around can help you get enough water throughout the day. I have found that fun, cute water bottles encourage me to drink more water throughout the day as well.

Maternity Leggings

Regular pants get super uncomfortable during pregnancy. Anything comfy is a welcomed relief! Leggings are a great idea to include in your care package.

Stretch Mark Cream and Oil

Every pregnant woman can use stretch mark creams and oils. These are known to somewhat help with stretch marks. However, they also help with itch relief later on as well. Bio Oil and Palmers Cocoa Butter cream are the two products that were most recommended to me.

Pregnancy Pillow

I can’t recommend getting a pregnancy pillow enough! The uncomfortable sleep came a lot faster than I expected. I purchased this pillow in my first trimester and it has been a lifesaver. There are other shape options here but I really liked this one.

Gift Cards

If you are putting things together for someone else, gift cards are a good addition. These can be to restaurants, maternity stores, baby stores, spas, etc.

Nursing Bras

Another surprise to me during pregnancy was how quickly nursing bras became useful! A lot of women are tender and sore during the first and third trimesters. Nursing bras are a lot more comfortable! I recommend these ones that have the extenders so you don’t have to keep sizing up.

Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy journals really great. My friend gifted me this one to document things throughout my pregnancy. There are prompts and questions to fill out along the way.

Birthing Affirmations

Birth affirmations are super helpful during pregnancy and birth. You can write your own or check out the list of 30 I put together in this post.

birthing affirmations as a pregnancy care package idea

Belly Bands

Belly bands can help prevent back pain in pregnancy. These are highly recommended in the mom groups I’m in. They also help with posture as your belly grows.

Pregnancy Books

Pregnancy books are a must have! There are a lot to choose from. I found these ones inparticular really helpful.

Pregnancy Audiobooks

You can also pay for a subscription to Audible and listen to some pregnancy books if you don’t have time to sit down and read.

You can get a month for free here:

Bath Bombs and Bath Salts

Hot baths are cautioned against during pregnancy. You can, however, take warm baths with bath bombs and salts that help relieve aches and pains. I love epsom salt baths and found these really helpful throughout pregnancy. You can purchase a water temperature thermometer to make sure your water is at a safe temperature as well.


A lot of women’s feet swell during pregnancy. Having comfy slippers on hand is really nice for days when your feet need a break.

Pregnancy Survival Kits and Care Packages

Putting together a care package or survival kit can be hard when you aren’t sure what to get. Hopefully this list helps you! Let me know in the comments if there were any items that helped you through your pregnancy that I should add here.

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