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Receive this Christmas with a very special decoration

Christmas is a very important date in our calendar, we meet with family, friends and therefore our home must be prepared to face the Easter season . Our idea is to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. For this we present our tips for an original and cheerful decoration without spending too much.

For the interior of the house, the Christmas tree is the real protagonist , and it does not require a large outlay, nor do you have to spend a lot of time decorating it, since trees look better with simple decorations and without recharging, you can also personalize it by incorporating personal decorations such as dolls, boxes, or take the opportunity to have a fun family time doing crafts and then hang them on the tree. If you want to give it a more real look you can add dried flowers or decorate it with natural apples.

The lights are also an important partTo give an original touch to your tree, there are many kinds, colors, shapes, sounds… We have looked for some with a heart shape, but you can find a wide variety of models.

If you prefer the Nativity Scene, more traditional but that offers many possibilities, the basic part that must have is the virgin, the child, the manager, Saint Joseph… but then you can transform it and add the characters you want, there are authentic works of art with little money and a lot of imagination.

Candles and flowers to decorate the house at Christmas

The details are what make the difference for this year 2012, as always for all tastes, this year’s trend is inclined towards decorations that invoke the spirit of nature such as birds, moss, leaves, dried flowers, natural fruits, pineapples, branches originality prevails although it can be mixed with classics such as the tree, the nativity scene, the colored spheres, the lights…

For our home to show the typical festive atmosphere of these dates we must always be attentive to the small details, we can decorate the interior of our living room with butterflies, angels, dwarfs… Crowns of natural flowers and classic ones with mistletoe are also a trend this year. As for the colors this Christmas, silver and gold stand out, in addition to the classic red and green.

Candles also help to personalize our home, accompanied by flower arrangements or alone, in all shapes and colors, they are essential in Christmas decoration. Put them on the table in the living room and it will change completely.

The exterior of our house can be decorated in a thousand ways, although this year floral arrangements and natural crowns predominate, to which we can add some lights so that our house shines from the outside.

But we must not forget what is truly important on these dates, sharing good times with family and friends. Surely your house will look spectacular if you do it with all your enthusiasm and imagination. Happy Holidays.

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