Spring Egg Rabbit Mobile Pre-K Kindergarten Art Project Oviparous (Egg Birth) Unit Introduction

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The bunny finds an egg and wonders what is inside. A boy, an elephant, another bunny? A duckling hatches while the bunny is napping, and they become friends so “no one is alone again.”  

I always introduce a unit with something that connects the imagination and emotion. After reading the book a couple of times, I introduce questions through questions, as the bunny guesses what is in the egg. “Do elephants lay eggs?” I keep this part low key and fun. 

Then they made their own “Bunny in an Egg”.

When introducing activity, discuss and identify ovals and circles. (math)

Using fine motor skills with crayons and scissors.

After coloring, cutting and gluing, each child holds their project.  I use a hole punch for the top and bottom of the egg and attach string.

The craft doesn’t HAVE to be a mobile. The egg can be glued onto construction paper with the “hanging” decorations applied wherever student wants to glue it.

Pages in Pack:

Egg Template, Bunny Templates (3 choices), Floral graphics to decorate (6 types). AND Instructions (not shown).

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