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The holidays are definitely going to be different this year, that is for sure. We are hiding out in the yurt getting most of what we need shipped in. That which we can’t, the hubby goes out as infrequently as possible. I have found that with a very few exceptions, most items can be found online so I am going to share some stocking stuffer gift ideas that can be purchased online to make your holiday shopping as easy as sitting on your couch and typing.

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Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Girls (and Women)

If you ask me the most fun of Christmas gift giving is finding the presents that go in the stocking. Truth be told, I love opening my stocking most of all. It’s the fun, quirky presents that I find in there that give me the biggest smiles. But that doesn’t mean that these gifts can’t be useful – oh no! Oftentimes the stocking has some of the best gifts. Below find some ideas for great stocking stuffers for girls:

eco lips lip balm

Eco Lip Organic Lip Balm

I love, love, love Eco Lips Organic Lip Balm. It’s the only balm I use and I use it every day. This year the company sent me their holiday flavors to try and I will never love another flavor as much as I love Raspberry Truffle. It smells a little bit chocolate and a little bit raspberry and it’s almost as good as eating a well, raspberry truffle. The gingerbread is very nice as well and the candy cane is refreshing. What I really like about these balms beyond their being organic, is that they really have staying power. Montana has a very dry climate and dry lips drive me batty so I make sure to always have lip balm handy. These are my favorites.

goat's milk lotion

Goat’s Milk Lotion from Eden Hills Farm

I have been using this goat’s milk lotion for many, many years and I just love it. I am partial to the Tahitian Vanilla scent but there are many others from which to choose. It’s rich and nourishing but it soaks right in and doesn’t leave your hand feeling all gloopy. They just feel soft and moisturized.

You will also find Teresa’s beautiful photography available on notecards and calendars plus goat’s milk soap (this is something I don’t need as I still have much), and other products.  You can also follow her blog, Eden Hills, for photos of cute goats and regal llamas.

sugar scrub

Sugar Scrub from deVreese Skincare

I love this stuff. I use a sugar scrub when I shower – I find them nicer than salt scrubs because well, cats. With cats I always have scratches here and there. Why does that matter? How does it feel when you get salt in a cut? Got it now? Sugar doesn’t do that! This foaming sugar scrub from La Petite Ferme in the Brambleberry Tea scent smells like heaven but there are a myriad other scents available to suit anyone’s taste. The shop also sells goat’s milk soap, body butters and more.


Artisan Made Candle from Diamond Artisan Farm

Oh.My.Word! This Grapefruit Citrus Candle smells like heaven. HEAVEN people. When I had to process the pounds and pounds and pounds of onions the husband brought in (I peel, chop and then freeze them.) I had this candle burning and I DID NOT CRY. I’m talking chopping 30lbs of onions and not one tear. The scent is really lovely and the candles are made with natural ingredients and essential oils.

In the Diamond Artisan shop you will also find herbal teas, natural sunblock, goat’s milk soaps and more.

colorful face mask

Face Masks

I know! I know! We would all rather it just went away. But it doesn’t seem to be doing that so as long as we are going to be wearing face masks why not get and give pretty ones. And support a small business at the same time! I bought two really well made face masks from Roni the Travel Guru earlier this year and boy, they would sure make great stocking stuffers for some someone who needs a new mask or if you just want to give someone a bright and pretty one.

gift card

Gift Card from an Indie Book Store Like Kona Bay Books

It’s hard to put the latest cookbook or bestseller in a stocking but you can put a giftcard to an indie bookstore in there and let your loved one buy their favorite new book or another kind of fun gift. I know that I have been ordering my books from Kona Bay lately and their service is awesome. They can get any book for you so if you have a bookworm on your list, slip a giftcard in their stocking – a new book to read is always appreciate.

Stocking stuffers can be wide and varied and that is what makes them so much fun! This is just a short list. I’ll have more holiday lists coming up and be sure to check out the Creative Maven’s Holiday Gift Guide. It’s full of gifts for everyone on your list!

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