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super easy taco cookbook

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I am pleased to introduce you to the latest cookbook from Adriana Martin today – Super Easy Taco Cookbook. Previously I had shared my review of her first, Best of Mexican Cooking and a recipe for Mexican Rice Pudding. I am happy to call Adriana a friend and am I am thrilled for her success with her cookbooks!

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super easy taco cookbook

About Super Easy Taco Cookbook: Traditional & Creative Recipes for Taco Lovers:

Anytime is a good time to eat tacos?and now you can whip them up whenever you want! This taco cookbook is filled with no-fuss recipes that teach you how to make delicious homemade tacos using super simple ingredients and cooking techniques. You’ll want to eat tacos for every meal with this collection of mouthwatering recipes, from Scrambled Egg Tacos with Pico de Gallo for breakfast to Churro Tacos for dessert.

This standout among taco recipe books can help you:

  • Simplify taco-making?Learn the foolproof three-step process for making tacos successfully every time.
  • Explore a variety of flavors?Discover traditional tacos alongside fusions from around the world, including Korea, India, and Italy.
  • Save time in the kitchen?Find suggestions for preparing ingredients in advance, using store-bought replacements for homemade ingredients, and other ways to be efficient.

Make delectable tacos for every palate and occasion with the Super Easy Taco Cookbook.

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About the Author:

Adriana Martin is a home chef and founder of She is a Latina food writer specializing in recipe development influenced by Mexico’s culinary culture and European cuisine. Her grandmother taught her how to cook, and now her mission is to inspire others to make homemade meals. She has a passion for baking Mexican artisanal bread and classic desserts. Adriana also teaches online cooking classes and is a trained food stylist and photographer.

She has published thousands of recipes online and is the author of “The Best of Mexican Cooking – 75 Authentic Home-Style Recipes for Beginners” and “The Super Easy Taco Cookbook.” LATISM has recognized Adriana as the Top 100 most influential Latina bloggers due to her contributions to the blogosphere, social media influence, and involvement with the community to raise awareness about child hunger in the Orlando area. In addition, Hispanicize and Telemundo awarded Adriana with the TECLA Awards under the category of best food creator. The Tecla Awards is a national awards program that honoring top multicultural content creators’ achievements.

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Editorial Reviews:praise, applause

“Chef Adriana Martin’s varied cultural background makes her uniquely qualified to share a multitude of new ideas for everyone’s favorite: tacos. Whether you want to stay with the classics or experiment with her intriguing fusion options, there is something to tantalize everyone. You will enjoy this enticing and creative cookbook.” —Jane Bonacci, author of The Gluten-Free Bread Machine Cookbook and The Gluten-Free Instant Pot Cookbook

“Adriana Martin draws on her Mexican heritage and decades of cooking experience to craft the ultimate book for taco lovers. Among recipes for all the classic tacos we know and love—Al Pastor, Carnitas, Fried Fish Tacos—you will also find recipes for breakfast tacos, fusion tacos, vegetarian tacos, and even dessert tacos. Give my apologies to my local taqueria because I am going to be ordering takeout a lot less and making my own tacos a lot more!” —Emily Paster, food blogger and author of Instantly Mediterranean: Vibrant, Satisfying Recipes for your Instant Pot, Electric Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer

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Super Easy Taco Cookbook takes tacos to the next level, containing traditional Mexican recipes and world cuisine fusions. The cookbook features savory and sweet recipes, for different courses and occasions. It is a frontier breaker and a great acknowledgment of how popular this dish has become in the world!” —Denise Browning, author of The Complete 5-Ingredient Cookbook and the blog Easy and Delish

“Once again, Adriana Martin has produced a cookbook that is authentic and easy to follow. As a self-proclaimed taco enthusiast, I love the variety of recipes from breakfast tacos to dessert tacos and everything in between. The many tips and tricks throughout the book are extremely helpful and have elevated my taco game immensely!” —Anna-Marie Walsh, author of Quick and Easy Vegetarian Cookbook and blog Beauty and the Beets


Super Easy Taco Cookbook certainly lives up to its name with recipes that are easy and quick to prepare with readily available ingredients. Chef Adriana’s insight and tips make preparing them even easier. I love that there are recipes for traditional tacos mixed in with a fusion of flavors including Korean, Indian, and Italian. This cookbook gives taco lovers so many delicious recipes to enjoy tacos anytime they like.” —Marilyn Haugen, best-selling cookbook author and founder of Maven Cookery (

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