Tell me how you are and I will tell you what your perfect Christmas decoration is

Tell me how you are and I will tell you what your perfect Christmas decoration is

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Tell me how you are and I will tell you what your perfect Christmas decoration is

Traditional colors, glitter, decorations with movement and sound, lights everywhere, sober designs or rustic styles. Did you know that the style of decoration you use at Christmas comes from your way of being? For each person, Christmas has a personal touch that is evident in the way they celebrate it, from the way they decorate the home to the parties in which they participate.

This particular curiosity, however, goes unnoticed before our eyes. But take a second to analyze your Christmas style. What colors do you usually use? Do you opt for a simple or ornate style? Do you follow a specific pattern each year? If your answer is yes, surely you have your own style and from Women’s Journal we propose a game: tell us how you are and we will tell you what your perfect Christmas decoration is

Why is our Christmas a reflection of our personality?

This has a lot to do with personal experiences during these dates throughout our lives: how our parents decorated the home, the memories of opening presents on Christmas morning, the laughter and anecdotes of Christmas Eve dinners and mischief. That characterize childhood, but that also mark the adults that we are today.

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The way in which we perceive and analyze the world during the childhood-juvenile stage is decisive in how we develop around us now, because it is the way in which we learned to do so, adapting knowledge and values ??acquired along the way.

My Christmas style is traditional but with a modern twist: classic colors (greens, reds and golds) using eco-friendly decorative alternatives. Do you want to find out yours? Then pay attention to the decoration styles according to different personalities.

Your ideal Christmas decoration according to your personality

Traditional style

This decorative theme is characterized by having classic things everywhere. These include a large bushy tree , the traditional manger , wreaths and swags for doors and for the center table, backstage curtains , Christmas angels , and a large star at the top of the tree. While the colors remain green and red , with touches of gold, silver and white, and even other colors that do not clash.

If you are inclined towards this style, you probably have very good memories of your childhood, of a warm and cozy Christmas that you want to continue having in your home, that everyone can see and last over time.

Glam glam Christmas

It can be said that this is the modern and more feminine version of the traditional style. It is based on having a lot of brightness in the decorations, great lighting, rich color tones, crystal decorations, and modern figures, without losing the course of cosmopolitan sophistication. The trees are more stylized and the decorations more refined in metallic tones, which can be found in every corner of the home.

This speaks of people who love city life and cosmopolitan glamour, colors and the brilliance of lights. They are attracted to the modern but without losing the spirit of Christmas . They just give it a more elegant touch.

Rustic chic Christmas

This is a style that has been on the rise for a couple of years, also known as Nordic decoration. It is a very beautiful, interesting and simple proposal that makes your home a very modern and distinctive environment. If you like this style, you love finding alternatives to traditions and adapting them . But you also love to feel the warmth in the middle of the cold and surround yourself with friends or family while drinking hot chocolate. 

Nordic rustic Christmas is surrounded by winter landscapes, sober lights and a relaxing atmosphere, emphasizing natural decorations, such as angels or wooden figures, garlands of branches and acorns. The trees are also simple, with touches that simulate snow, backstage and decorations in white, silver, gold and black , with very little glitter or exaggeration.

Minimalist style

Speaking of simplicity and little exaggeration, there are those who love simple and clean styles that give their home a clean look and their Christmas too. They are people who focus more on creating moments and memories, instead of putting all their effort into decorations, but who love to have some characteristic of Christmas with them.

In minimalism there is a range of options to consider, such as trees made of wooden boards to hang on the wall or to fit in the corners, small mangers for the dining table, garlands with acorns and branches, minimal lights and sober decorations. With some glitter on them so they don’t go unnoticed.

Ecological and boho chic Christmas

Another great trend that we should take a piece of and apply it, since it focuses on giving a new life to old household things , as well as finding a new place for old decorations . A different perspective of sensitive people who love Christmas and take care of the planet , who seek happiness in small details and see the world from another angle.

In this style we find fun and original options such as alternative trees with stairs, books or wood , decorations made with plastic and glass containers, transformations of old objects and a lot of vintage inspiration with sober lights and pastel tones.

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