Top Tips For Creating Your Own Condiments At Home

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Ever found yourself searching the fridge or your cupboards for your favorite dipping sauce but had no luck? There’s nothing quite like the disappointment of having no dips for your french fries or your chicken tenders. 

If you find yourself in this situation often, then it’s something you definitely want to ensure doesn’t happen too often in the future. The solution? Make your own condiments! Here are some top tips for making your own condiments from scratch so you can enjoy those dips whenever you feel like it.

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Over-season it

When it comes to your condiments, it not only has to carry itself but it also has to stand out with all of the other foods that you combine it with. Remember that some dips might edge a certain way from salty to vinegary, but when combined with other foods it all balances out.

With that in mind, try to over-season your condiment so that it’s on the verge of being too much to handle when eaten on its own. That’s when you know you’ve got it right and that you’ve got a condiment that’s as close to the pre-made, pre-packaged thing.

Make sure to chill the condiment

Once you’ve cooked your condiment, it’s important to note that the temperature makes a real difference to the sauce and how it tastes. Not only that but it can also affect the texture or consistency.

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To help ensure it tastes the same as it did when you were trying it hot, stick some on a plate and into a fridge for ten minutes. Try it again and adjust your ingredients accordingly. You may find that the temperature change has impacted the flavor.

Test out your flavors over time

Some condiments will often shift a little within their flavor profile over time. It’s important to remember that when you bottle up your condiment, how it tasted on the day, maybe different a week or two later.

Some herbs or spices that you use may intensify over time and so depending on your condiment usage, you may want to make more or less of it. Aim to make it in small batches

Make sure you’re using good-quality ingredients

Even with condiments, the ingredients you use matter. Make sure to pick out the best quality in ingredients when you make your condiment and try making it with the basic ingredients too. You’ll likely notice subtle or substantial differences in taste and appearance.

You may not be overly fussed by your efforts when it comes to creating a condiment from home but for others, it’s crucial to get it right.

Your tastebuds deserve the very best, so make sure you’re opting for high-quality ingredients over the more affordable, basic options. Whether that’s homemade mayo to sriracha sauce, the right ingredients matter.

Creating your own condiments at home is good fun and should be something that’s experimented with. Next time you find yourself running out of your favorite dip, try creating it from scratch instead. You won’t regret it!

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