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Are you still looking for a gift idea for the man in your life? You’ll find many ideas to choose from at Trendhim.

Trendhim accessories

My husband, Michael, was allowed to choose what we would like to review from Trendhim.  He loves watches, so he asked to review the Phantom gold tone skeleton watch (with a black dial). He likes that you can wear it while at work or while we are out. He’s a simple guy and that is what he looks for in his accessories. This watch is a Danish design with a skeleton dial and japenese quartz movement. It features a black dial with a transparent back. It’s priced at $85.

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I’d like to remind you a little bit about Michael.  He likes to wear a white tshirt, blue jeans and Hey Dudes.  This Phantom works perfectly with his style of dress!

If you gift inspiration, Trendhim has a whole section devoted to gift ideas!

Trendhim wallet

Trendhim sells all types of men’s accessories from bags to ties. They have even begun selling beard care and toiletry care. No matter what type of men’s accessory you are looking for, you will find it at Trendhim. You can follow them on facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

Trendhim’s vision is to help every man to tell his story. Their accessories are fashionable and affordable.  The man in your life will not be disappointed by whatever you choose to gift him from Trendhim!

Order Trendhim giftcards before 12-23-22 to receive a printable giftcard just in time for Christmas!

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