24 Vegan Apple Recipes You Need In Your Life

vegan apple recipes

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Vegan apple recipes are year-round, but especially in the fall! Making these recipes will have your kitchen smelling amazing.

To get started making vegan apple recipes, you’ll need the following:

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Vegan Apple Recipe #1 – Apple Fritters

vegan apple fritters
Apple Fritters
Apple fritters are so delicious! The recipe for these ones is from School Night Vegan. They have apples in them and a cinnamon glaze on top.
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2. Apple Nachos

vegan apple nachos
Apple Nachos
These apple nachos from One Lovely Life are a fun and easy snack. They have peanut butter and chocolate on them, then you can add whatever other toppings you’d like. Some ideas are chocolate chips, sprinkles, nuts, and granola.
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3. Apple Streusel Pancakes

vegan apple streusel pancakes
Apple Streusel Pancakes
These apple streusel pancakes would made the perfect fall breakfast! Get the recipe for them from The Plant-Based Wok.
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4. Caramel Apples

vegan caramel apples
Caramel Apples
I love vegan caramel apples! They’re so fun to eat while watching a Halloween movie. Planted Purpose made these.
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5. Apple Pie Pop Tarts

vegan apple pie pop tarts
Apple Pie Pop Tarts
Well-Fed Soul made these apple pie pop tarts. They’re gluten free and have a maple chai glaze for the topping.
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6. Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls

vegan apple pie cinnamon rolls
Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls
This Is Maggie made these apple cinnamon rolls. They have red apples, melted vegan butter, non-dairy milk, and more in them.
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7. Apple Crepes

vegan apple crepes
Apple Crepes
Best of Vegan made these sweet apple crepes. They used coconut sugar, lemon juice, cinnamon, and more in the filling.
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8. Apple Cinnamon Muffins

vegan apple cinnamon muffins
Apple Cinnamon Muffins
Last Ingredient made these vegan apple muffins. I love eating apple muffins in the fall and make them every year! These muffins are easy to make and the total time is just 40 minutes.
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9. Apple Pie Waffles

vegan apple pie waffles
Apple Pie Waffles
These waffles are topped with cinnamon cream and an apple maple syrup topping. They were made by Pass The Plants.
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10. Applesauce

vegan applesauce recipe
This applesauce is made in the instant pot. It only takes 10 minutes and is healthy. The recipe is from Make Ahead Meal Mom.
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11. Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal

vegan cinnamon apple oatmeal
Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal
Apple and cinnamon goes so well in oatmeal! Healthy Little Cravings made this creamy, vegan recipe for it.
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12. Apple Pie

vegan apple pie
Apple Pie
Vanilla and Bean made this beautiful vegan apple pie. It’s made with gluten free flour, brown sugar, coconut oil, granny smith apples, and ½ tsp ground cinnamon. Apple pie is so good served with vanilla ice cream, so made sure to pick up some vegan ice cream when shopping for the pie ingredients.
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13. Baked Cinnamon Apples

vegan baked cinnamon apples
Baked Cinnamon Apples
Mindful Avocado made these single serving baked apple desserts. It’s nice that you don’t have to cut up this dessert to serve it.
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14. Apple Oatmeal Cookies

vegan apple oatmeal cookies
Apple Oatmeal Cookies
These apple cookies from The Fit Cookie are delicious, gluten free, and dairy free.
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15. Apple Pie Jam

vegan apple pie jam
Apple Pie Jam
The Delicious Plate made this apple pie chia jam. It has warm spices in it and goes perfectly on oatmeal, pancakes, and more.
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16. Hot Apple Cider

vegan hot apple cider
Hot Apple Cider
Hot spiced apple cider is so yummy in the fall and winter. It’s an easy drink to make. It was made by Food Doodles.
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17. Apple Butter

vegan apple butter
Apple Butter
Texan Erin made this apple butter that is simple and homemade. It doesn’t have any added sugars and it is paleo.
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18. Cinnamon Apple Bread

vegan cinnamon apple bread
Cinnamon Apple Bread
This vegan apple bread is easy to make. It was made by Milk and Pop. It’s moist and sweet.
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19. Cinnamon Apple Cake

vegan cinnamon apple cake
Cinnamon Apple Cake
Cupful of Kale made this cinnamon apple cake. It has a maple icing on top. It has lots of spices in it, like cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. Yum!
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20. Apple Crumb Bars

vegan apple crumb bars
Apple Crumb Bars
These vegan apple crumb bars are a healthier apple treat. They’re gluten free and don’t have any refined sugar in them. Wife Mama Foodie made them.
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21. Apple Cinnamon Scones

vegan apple cinnamon scones
Apple Cinnamon Scones
These apple scones were made by Klara’s Life. They have a vegan caramel sauce on them.
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22. Apple Cobbler

vegan apple cobbler
Apple Cobbler
Rebelle Kitchen made this vegan apple cobbler. You’ll want to use tart apples for this recipe.
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23. Apple Strudel

vegan apple strudel
Apple Strudel
This vegan apple strudel is an Austrian dessert. Vegan on Board made the recipe for it.
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24. Dehydrated Apples

vegan dehydrated apples
Dehydrated Apples
Masala Herb made these dehydrated apples. They’re a fun, healthy snack.
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