30+ of the Best Mocktails and Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes

30+ of the best mocktail recipes and ideas for non-alcoholic drinks

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Mocktail and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Whether you are pregnant, putting together a family-friendly function, or just want a delicious drink that doesn’t contain alcohol, this list is for you! I’ve found over 30 mocktails and non-alcoholic drink ideas you’ll want to try.

There are so many yummy cocktail recipes out there and you don’t have to miss out if you are abstaining from alcohol. Check out these alternative drinks that you can make that are completely alcohol-free and fun to drink.

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over 30 ideas for mocktail and non-alcoholic drink recipes recipes

What are Mocktails?

Mocktails are a take on regular cocktails but without the alcohol. They are used in place of regular alcoholic beverages when someone is underage, pregnant, or chooses not to drink alcohol. Mocktails are great for family gatherings, kids’ birthday parties, and pretty much any social event. You can also make a small batch for something fun to drink at home.

Healthy Mocktail Recipes

Here are the mocktail recipes I have rounded up! These healthier, non-alcoholic versions of popular cocktail drinks will be the perfect addition to your get-together or special event. To make these mocktails even healthier, you can opt for sugarfree ingredients to skip some of the calories and keep the taste.

Strawberry Iced Tea Mocktail from Amanda Wilens

strawberry iced tea mocktail

Not only is this mocktail recipe pretty, it sounds delicious with a mix of tea, strawberries and lemonade.

Summery Tom Collins Mocktail from Sweet Rustic Bakes

tom collins mocktail

This recipe was designed by Sweet Rustic Bakes to taste like “a bubbly peach lemonade”. This one only has a few ingredients and is really easy to make.

Hot Honey Mojito Mocktail from Trendgredient

hot honey mojito mocktail

Enjoy all of the crisp, refreshing flavors of a mojito, with a sweet and spicy kick of jalapeño simple syrup. You won’t miss the booze!

Strawberry Horchata from The Six Figure Dish

strawberry horchata non-alcoholic drink

This Mexican strawberry horchata recipe is a non-alcoholic dessert drink. If you haven’t make horchata before, this is the perfect recipe to try.

Strawberry Mojito Mocktail from Maple and Mango

strawberry mojito mocktail

This strawberry mojito mocktail is full of fresh ingredients. Maple and Mango uses coconut water, strawberries, mint leaves, and lime juice in this delicious recipe.

Pina Colada (Healthy Mocktail Drink) from Dassana’s Veg Recipes

non-alcoholic pina colada recipe

This pina colada recipe is not only non-alcoholic, it also only uses three ingredients! That’s a win-win.

Non Alcoholic Mimosa Mocktail from OHMY!Creative

non-alcoholic mimosa mocktail

This Mimosa Mocktail is perfect for Sunday brunch or special occasions! Enjoy the bubbles and fizz of this mimosa without the alcohol!

Fruit Punch from Dassana’s Veg Recipes

fruit punch mocktail

Dassana uses a mixture of orange and pineapple juices in this easy-to-make non-alcoholic fruit punch recipe.

Easy Watermelon Mocktail from Cook at Home Mom

easy watermelon mocktail

This is another fun mocktail that only requires a few ingredients. Watermelon, mint, and lime juice make a refreshing combo in this recipe.

Virgin Strawberry Sangria from Pitchfork Foodie

virgin strawberry sangria mocktail idea

Virgin Strawberry Sangria is the perfect summer cocktail the whole family will enjoy! Add whipped cream to the top and it will remind you of strawberry shortcake!

Fresh Watermelon Soda from Culinary Shades

watermelon soda recipe - mocktail/alcohol alternative

Here is a refreshing cocktail alternative that is easy to make. It’s also a great way to use up extra watermelon.

Elderflower and Grape Spritzer from Tara Teaspoon

Elderflower grape spritzer mocktail recipe picture

This creative mocktail combines elderflower syrup and grapes for an aromatic, refreshing combination.

Iced Tea Sangria from This Mama Cooks

iced tea sangria recipe for a non-alcoholic drink recipe

This easy iced tea sangria recipe uses frozen, sliced fruit and natural, no-calorie sweetener. Cool down with this delicious ice tea fruit recipe.

Refreshing Lime Pineapple Agua Fresca from XOXO Bella

lime pineapple agua fresca mocktail

You will love this pineapple agua fresca recipe because it’s so refreshing and tasty! This summer drink with pineapple is always a favorite.

Margarita Mocktail Recipe from 24 Bite

virgin margarita recipe

This Margarita Mocktail recipe with no alcohol is light, fresh and bright with fresh citrus. The syrup gives the popular golden color in this virgin margarita.

Shirley Temple Recipe from Simply Stacie

shirley temple non-alcoholic drink recipe

This classic mocktail beverage is sure to take you back to childhood. A perfect treat for kids and kids-at-heart, this sipper is full of fresh citrus juice, and is, of course, topped with a maraschino cherry!

Sparkling Lime Cucumber Drink Recipe from Cook Eat Live Love

Sparkling Lime Cucumber drink recipe that has no alcohol

Cucumber, lime and mint create refreshing flavors in this super simple summer mocktail! Only five ingredients and ready in a flash.

Strawberry Daiquiri Mocktail from Marley’s Menu

strawberry daiquiri cocktail alternative

Strawberries are combined with non-alcoholic rum in this yummy mocktail. This is a great alternative to the traditional strawberry daiquiri.

Virgin Banana Daiquiris from Strength and Sunshine

virgin banana daiquiri mocktail recipe

This virgin banana daiquiri recipe is really simple and easy to make. Bananas are combined with rum extract in this mocktail making it delicious and sweet.

Peach Ginger Fizz from Tara Teaspoon

Fresh ginger is one of my very favorite things! Tara uses it along with peach nectar and sparkling water in this mocktail recipe.

Ginger Lemonade Recipe from Healthy Recipes 101

ginger lemonade non-alcoholic drink recipe
Ginger Lemonade Recipe

This ginger lemonade puts a unique twist on the lemon classic. It champions the vibrant ginger and delivers refreshing essence you can enjoy with a crowd!

Frothy Polyjuice Potion Recipe from Baking Beauty

harry potter polyjuice mocktail recipe

This refreshing frothy beverage will transport you into the Wizarding World. Super easy only 5 ingredients!

Rainbow Fruit Spritzer Mocktail from Budget Delicious

rainbow fruit mocktail recipe

Whip up this delicious and colorful Rainbow Spritzer as a fun treat on hot days with a whole load of fresh fruit and just 5 minutes of prep.

Fruity Lime and Ginger Beer Mocktail from Recipes From a Pantry

lime and ginger beer mocktail recipe

This Fruity Lime and Ginger Beer Mocktail is very easy to whip up. However, it looks beautiful and no one will know how easy it was to make.

Spicy Jalapeno Mule Mocktail from Mighty Mrs.

spicy jalapeno mule mocktail recipe

This mule mocktail recipe delivers a spicy kick.

Frozen Pineapple Virgin Margarita from Paleo Gluten-Free Guy

virgin pineapple margarita recipe

This Frozen Pineapple Virgin Margarita is so good you won’t miss the alcohol! Thick, creamy and frothy, with the sweetness balanced with just a bit of lime juice, it’s perfectly refreshing.

Virgin Moscow Mule from In the Kitch

non-alcoholic moscow mule recipe

Whether you’re mixing up drinks for your underage guests or just need a break from the adult beverages, quality and fun does not need to be sacrificed with this virgin Moscow mule!

This cherry lime spritzer mocktail recipe is the perfect refreshing non-alcoholic summer drink!

Strawberry and Lime Sparkling Boba from Catherine Zhang

strawberry lime non-alcoholic beverage recipe

A refreshing drink with strawberry, lime and tapioca pearls. This strawberry lime sparkling boba is the perfect non-alcoholic drink!

Blue Lagoon Mocktail from Always Use Butter

blue lagoon mocktail recipe

Ever tried a Blue Lagoon? Well this is the upgraded, non-alcoholic version! A bit less sweet, a bit more sour, and with a bitter touch – and just as pretty and refreshing as the original.

Beet Juice, Blood Orange, and Lime Virgin Margarita from Just Beet It

beet and orange mocktail margarita recipe

The beets and blood orange in this mocktail recipe create a beautifully-colored drink. Plus, what a fun way to eat your beets!

Green Tea Spritzer Mocktail from The Country Chic Cottage

green tea spritzer mocktail recipe

This green tea spritzer is as refreshing as it is easy to make! Whip it up in no time with four simple ingredients and enjoy!

Healthy Appletini Mocktail from Beet of the Wild

appletini mocktail recipe

This Appletini Mocktail is so easy, refreshing and delicious! It contains no added sugar, just a few simple ingredients and for an even healthier twist, add a dash of spirulina!

Korean Strawberry Milk from Drive Me Hungry

This Korean strawberry milk is made with fresh pieces of strawberries and homemade strawberry syrup. An easy recipe made with just three ingredients!

Favorite Mocktail Recipes

My favorite mocktail recipes include pretty much any margarita mocktail, Moscow mule mocktails, and non-alcoholic sangria. Do you have a favorite non-alcoholic drink or mocktail recipe? Let me know below!

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