15 Creative Baby Shower Ideas

15 creative baby shower ideas

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Creative Baby Shower Ideas

Are you looking for new baby shower ideas? I’ve put together a list of ideas that you probably haven’t seen before. Take a look at the fun ideas below before you plan your party. Let me know which is your favorite!

15 creative baby shower ideas

Host a Virtual Baby Shower with Games

best virtual baby shower ideas for games
Photo from Saving Talents

This post from Saving Talents shows you how to host a virtual baby shower. They also include a number of games you can play together virtually. Guests can print or screenshot the game images and play together during the shower.

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Shibori Dye Baby Onesies

best baby shower ideas for decorating onesies
Photo from Salty Canary

Salty Canary shows how they dyed Shibori onesies at her baby shower in this post. The guests helped dye onesies as well as burp cloths and swaddles that had been used and stained. This is a great way to bring life back to baby items! As a party favor, dish towels were provided for guests to dye and take home.

Play a Dirty Diaper Game

DIY dirty diaper baby shower game idea
Photo from Drugstore Divas

Drugstore Divas shared this post on creating a dirty diaper game. They assembled the “diapers” before the shower and had guests each choose a diaper. One diaper holds a poo emoji and is the “dirty” one. This diaper is the winner! This is a simple and cute game idea that you can DIY for your shower.

Play a Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Game

Photo from Play Party Plan

Play Party Plan put together this really cute emoji game that is perfect for a shower. Each set of emojis represents a nursery rhyme that the guests have to identify. You can learn how to play and print out the game from their post here.

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Print Some Baby Shower Favor Tags

DIY idea for baby shower party favors
Photo from Play Party Plan

Another great baby shower idea is using these DIY party favor tags. The tags say “Thanks for making today so sweet”. So they are perfect to pair with any candy or treat that you want your guests to take home with them. These cute tags are available to downloand along with instructions over on Play Party Plan’s post here.

Have a DIY Lemon-Themed Baby Shower

Photo from Down Redbud Drive

This post from Down Redbud Drive tells you all about throwing a lemon baby shower. They cover everthing from food and drinks to party favors. This is a really cute, gender-neutral theme.

Make Baby Shower Punch with Ducks

baby shower duck punch recipe idea
Photo from Baking Beauty

This easy-to-make punch is completed with rubber duckies. The final product looks like ducks swimming around. Super cute! You can find the recipe and instructions here on Baking Beauty’s blog. There are also tips on changing this recipe to pink in case you would prefer that over the blue “water”.

Make Baby Shower Mason Jar Favors

Don’t forget to send your guests home with something cute! These duckie mason jar favors are simple to make and super adorable. I love this idea because it’s so versatile. The mason jars can hold whatever you’d like and you can always use different sizes. You can find the complete instructions over at The Country Chic Cottage.

Have a Donut-Themed Baby Shower

Photo from Making Manzanita

Donuts are a really cute baby shower theme idea. This is another gender-neutral theme and the decorations can be used again. Making Manzanita shares ideas for your donut-themed shower on their post here. There are even free donut printables for you to download!

Make These DIY Baby Block Decorations

best diy idea for baby shower decorations - baby blocks with balloons
Photo from Drugstore Divas

These baby block decorations are perfect for baby showers of any theme. The Drugstore Divas share the instructions on this post. The blocks are made from cardboard boxes. This is a really cute and inexpensive DIY that can add a lot to your decor.

Make Baby Shower Cookies

Buttercream Parties put together this awesome post showing you how to much these super cute pink elephant cookies. They can be used as party favors or treats for your baby shower. There is a complete tutorial over on their blog for making and decorating these cookies.

Use a Boho Theme

If the traditional blue or pink themes aren’t for you, you might like a boho-themed baby shower. Cupcakes and Cutlery put together a really cute boho shower that you can see here. Everything turned out so pretty and there is even a tutorial on the cute word balloons they made.

Make a Dinosaur Baby Shower Cake

Photo from Jen Around the World

Jen Around the World shares how to make this cute dinosaur cake in this post. This is a really cute cake for a dinosaur-themed shower. The instructions are even beginner-friendly!

Make DIY Woodland Felt Ornaments

Sustain My Craft Habit has these cute woodland animal templates for sale. Their post here shows you how to put together the animals. You’ll be happy to know that these are no-sew and look really fun to make.

If you missed my post on putting together a woodland baby shower, check that out here.

Have a Display Baby Shower

A Daily Dose of Mom suggests having a display shower in this post. The idea is that you can skip the long and nerve-wracking present opening. Guests bring their gifts unwrapped and display them on a gift table. That way all of the guests can see the gifts but don’t have to sit through the unwrapping etc.

Planning Your Baby Shower

What did your shower look like? Did you have a unique theme? Create your own decor? Or give your guest an amazing party favor? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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