Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Office


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Decorating your office for Halloween shouldn’t be a chore. You can have fun decorating your office for Halloween. You can do pretty much whatever you want to make your office fun, scary and entertaining for Halloween.

You can develop a theme for your office. Choose a theme that you like or it might get old fast. You can use Star Wars, Disney, or Lord of the Rings or examples. If you do choose a theme to decorate your office don’t go beyond your theme. Stick with one theme or it will get too busy.

You can just have one simple decoration or you can decorate the whole office. If you are not all that keen about Halloween yet you feel pressure to decorate your office you may just want to put one simple decoration on the door of your office.

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Window stickers are great to decorate with and they are not just confined to the window although the window is a great place to put window stickers. You can also put window stickers on metal cabinets and desks. A simple small window sticker looks nice on your computer in a spot that does not interfere with your computer.

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Steamers always liven up the office ceiling. You can use Halloween colors like black and orange and let some of them hang down in places. You can also get a fake spider web and hang it in the corner of your office. Place a plastic spider in the center of the web just for fun.

Rubber bats can be hung from the ceiling too. You can have one or several bats hanging around the office.

Make your office scary for those who enter by placing a motion-activated statue in a place where it will go off when people walk by it. You could scare someone easily with one of these so be practical with your use of a motion-activated statue.

You can also get a motion-activated device to hang on the door of your office. You can buy faces to talk to people as they go by your office.

On your desk, you can place a motion-activated candy dish that has a hand that moves when someone tries to get some candy.

If you have an extra chair in your office you can put a large plastic skeleton sitting in it. Make the skeleton up with a hat and watch. You can even put the skeleton right on your chair for the day.

Find a Halloween screen saver and have it going on your computer for Halloween. You can find a really scary one or a cute one with happy pumpkins on it.

Decorating your office for Halloween can be really fun. Make it personal and decorate it with the things you like.

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