How To Decorate Holiday Polar Bear Cupcakes

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Morning everyone! Today a lot of posts will be going live, and I do hope that you check them all out. With Christmas coming there is nothing better than spoiling your family with a little treat, and I think these Polar Bear Cupcakes came out super cute. One thing that I simply adore in life is cookies and cupcakes because not only can you be so creative with them but they taste so good!

This year we will be spending the holiday up in Delaware with the family since my mother-in-law is having a bit of a problem with her heart. That means I can spoil everyone around me including my step-daughter and husband. The cute holiday polar bear cupcakes are the perfect little after dinner dessert or perfect for entertaining guests.

How To Make Holiday Polar Bear Cupcakes:

The process is actually super simple! It does not matter what cupcake recipe you use! You can use a white cupcake box mix or go all out and use a homemade recipe, totally up to you.

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With a piping bag or knife, frost all the cupcakes with the vanilla frosting.

Sprinkle the shredded coconut all over the frosting and gently pat down. Place 2 chocolate disk towards the back for the ears and 2 candy eyes towards the center. Then add a dab of frosting to a blue M&M and place it on a chocolate disk, this will be the nose. Place the nose on the bottom center of the cupcake.

That’s it! This turned out super cute and really can make for a fun way to get excited about the holiday! Below you will find a full creative recipe for you to print.

Share this! Your friends will love it...

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