National Donut Day – The Donuts I Have Made

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As I mentioned previously, my kitchen is undergoing a renaissance. Actually at the moment I have no kitchen at all. I am cooking out in the tiny trailer. It is not fun. But the payoff should be wonderful. Rumor has it the cabinets are coming today (fingers crossed). Due to my lack of real cooking and baking I am revisiting some old posts. Today in honor of National Donut Day I am sharing the donuts recipe for the various types I have baked.

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Simple Raised Donuts

These are my favorite kind of donut although I would not say no to a lovely chocolate glaze instead of the traditionally yummy powdered sugar.

donuts and donut holes

They do take a little bit longer to make as they are a yeast based dough. But if you ask me they are well worth the effort.

You can find my Powdered Sugar Donuts Recipe

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Chocolate Cake Donuts Recipe

Now, who can say no to a chocolate donut? Not me! This chocolate cake donut recipe is traditional in that these donuts are fried. After they have cooled a bit they are dipped in a rich chocolate glaze and then, if desired sprinkles are added.

Although I don’t know when sprinkles are not desired.

You can find this tasty recipe: Chocolate Glazed Donuts Recipe

baked lemon donuts

Baked Lemon Donuts

If you love a donut but don’t want to fry this is the treat for you. They are delightfully cakey but not at all a cake. This recipe gives a treat with a wonderful lemon flavor topped with crunchy pistachio nuts.

A wonderful way to celebrate the weekend. Or any day.

Find the recipe for Baked Lemon Donuts Recipe

Donut Cookbooks for Inspiration

There are any number of donut cookbooks out there to provide you with inspiration on your donuts recipe making journey. I have a couple but given the state of my house these days I am not sure where to find them.

So for now I am listing some of the books available. I have not seen or reviewed these so I cannot speak to how good or useful they are.

I hope you get inspired to make your own donuts. It’s not that hard and they are mighty tasty. I can’t wait to get back into my kitchen so I can make some myself!

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