22 Non Candy Advent Calendars Perfect For 2024 Christmas

non-candy advent calendars

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I absolutely loved having an advent calendar every year as a kid and I want my kids to experience them too. The holidays are full of treats and candy though, so I don’t love the idea of getting them even more candy.

I know I’m not the only mom who feels this way! I found so many non candy advent calendars that we can buy for our kids this Christmas.

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You can buy these now and save them for closer to Christmas. I love doing this because some of these items are currently on sale and might not go on sale again before Christmas. Also, sometimes they sell out closer to Christmas.

Non Candy Advent Calendar #1 – Disney Storybook Collection

Buy here

This one of my favorite advent calendars I’ve seen! Wouldn’t it be so fun to read one of these stories everyday with your kids from December 1st through December 24th? It’s $3.00 off right now. I bought it for us and can’t wait to use it!

2. Star Wars Legos

Buy here

Star Wars is so popular right now, so why not have a Lego Star Wars advent calendar? It has 24 different characters, starships, and more. You’ll open one each day from December 1st through December 24th, Christmas Eve. This set is on sale for $10 off right now!

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3. Friends

Buy here

Friends is one of my favorite shows ever and I know I can’t be the only person who’s excited to see that there’s a Friends advent calendar! It has over 25 surprises in it and is over $11 off right now.

4. Lego City

Buy here

This Lego city advent calendar comes with 24 different people and mini builds. It also has a city play mat to play with them on. This set is currently $10 off!

5. Harry Potter Legos

Buy here

As a Harry Potter fan, this is my favorite of the Lego advent calendars! It has lots of Harry Potter characters, a mini Hogwarts, and more.

My kids aren’t old enough for Legos yet, but I’m considering getting this and saving it for when they’re older. Especially because it’s $10 off right now. It’s a really good deal!

6. Lego Friends

Buy here

These Lego Friends are mostly Christmas themed. You’ll find a Christmas tree, a penguin, and elf, and more. They’re so cute! This advent calendar is currently $2 off.

7. Nickelodeon Storybook Collection

Buy here

This advent calendar has 24 Nickelodeon books. It has Blue’s Clues, Paw Patrol, Dora the Explorer, and more. Reading all of these during the holiday season would be such a fun Christmas countdown activity. It’s $2.50 off right now.

8. Frozen Storybook Collection

Buy here

My twins just love Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, so I’m sure this set of 24 Frozen books would be a big hit. It has stories from Frozen and Frozen 2. It’s almost $6 off right now.

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9. Marvel Storybook Collection

Buy here

If you have kids that love Marvel, then this would be great for them. This advent calendar includes 24 different Marvel themed stories in it. The stories are Avengers, Spiderman, and Guardians of the Galaxy. You can save $3 on it right now.

10. Slime

Buy here

The girl we babysit is super into slime right now, so I know she’d love this. Each of the 24 days has a little tub of slime. They’re all different colors and have different glitter and things in them.

11. LOL Surprise Bling A Tree

Buy here

This LOL doll advent calendar comes with a pink Christmas tree. Each day you’ll open a slot and add something to the tree. It’s $10 off right now.

12. Hot Wheels

Buy here

Hot Wheels are so fun for kids to play with. With this advent calendar you’ll get a new car or accessory each day.

13. Pokemon

Buy here

This Pokemon advent calendar has 16 Pokemon figures and 8 Christmas accessories.

14. Disney Junior

Buy here

This Disney Junior advent calendar has figures, holiday accessories, stickers, and gift boxes in it.

15. Super Mario

Buy here

This Nintendo Super Mario Christmas advent calendar has 24 surprises in it.

16. Minecraft

Buy here

The Minecraft calendar has figures and Christmas accessories in it. Some of the accessories are a Christmas tree and a bed that has a Christmas bedspread on it.

17. Funko Marvel

Buy here

With this advent calendar you can do a Christmas countdown with Funko Marvel characters. It comes with 24 of them.

18. Funko Harry Potter

Buy here

I think the Funko Harry Potter characters are so cute! It has Harry, Hermione, Ron, and more in it. It’s a really good deal at $20 off right now!

19. Disney Doorables

Buy here

These Disney doorables are seriously adorable. There are 24 doors with a cute little Disney character in each one. You’ll find Olaf, Mickey Mouse, Moana, and more.

20. The Wonder of the Greatest Gift

Buy here

With this advent calendar you’ll decorate a pop-up tree everyday till Christmas Eve. It comes with a book that has 25 family devotions in it.

21. Harry Potter: A Hogwarts Christmas Pop-Up

Buy here

You can celebrate the holidays Hogwarts style with this Christmas tree pop-up advent calendar. It’s $12 off right now.

22. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Buy here

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic Christmas and Halloween movie. This is a pop-up tree to decorate. It also comes with a book that has facts about Halloween Town and the people who live there. This advent calendar is $16 off right now!

Which of these non candy advent calendars is your family getting this year?

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