18 Best Vegan Stocking Stuffers For Women

vegan stocking stuffers for women

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A lot of the traditional stocking stuffers out there are not vegan. So many stockings are just full of non-vegan candy, which can make it hard for people to figure out what to give the vegan in their life.

I’ve compiled a list for you of the best vegan stocking stuffers! All of these holiday gifts are vegan (free of animals) and are small enough to fit into a Christmas stocking.

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Vegan Stocking Filler For Women #1 – Nail polish

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This nail polish is a pack of 4 that includes shades of different reds and pinks. Those are the best colors for nail polish!

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#2 – Socks

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These fun socks are dark green with lots of veggies all over them, including mushrooms, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, avocados, and more.

#3 – UNREAL Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

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Every stocking needs a little chocolate!

#4 – JJ’s Cocomels

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Caramel is so delicious and these dairy-free caramels made from coconut milk are too. I love how soft they are.

#5 – Face Mask

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This one from Yes To Tomatoes is a paper mask. These are so rejuvenating and are nice and small for a stocking.

#6 – Schmidt’s Deodorant

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I know deodorant isn’t the most traditional thing to put in a stocking, but this deodorant smells amazing and works super well. The charcoal magnesium scent is my favorite one.

#7 – Makeup

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A lot of women love make up and it’s small enough to go in a stocking.

#8 – Jewelry

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A piece of jewelry that says Vegan on it would be a nice gift to receive. I recommend going with a bar necklace that can be customized and having it say Vegan. This type of necklace is very in style and personal.

#9 – Bath Bombs

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Bath bombs are so fun to use and watch. These essential oil ones would be super rejuvenating.

#10 – Bath Salts

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There’s nothing more relaxing than a bath with bath salts. These fruity scented bath salts are vegan and cruelty-free. Your vegan friend is going to love these!

#11 – Vitamins

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These vitamins from Deva are really good. My husband currently takes them and I used to. Right now I’m taking the prenatal vitamin from this company since I’m pumping breast milk for my twins.

#12 – Bamboo Toothbrushes

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Toothbrushes are nice and small, which means they will fit well into a stocking. These bamboo ones are great for helping with the environment.

#13 – Chapstick

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A pack of 3 fun chapstick scents is a great gift. The recipient will have fun trying them all and knowing that they are vegan.

#14 – Gloves

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If you live somewhere cold or are going to visit somewhere cold, I recommend getting gloves. We live in Utah where it’s very cold in the winter and we wear gloves frequently.

#15 – Essential Oils

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Essential oil bottles are small, which is just what you want in a stocking stuffer. They’re also super useful for the person you give them to.

#16 – Soy Candle

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Candles make your house feel so cozy and these little candles are sure to do that.

#17 – Simply Gum

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This gum comes in lots of flavors. Get the variety pack so the vegan you know can try them all.

#18 – Vegan Christmas Ornament

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This ornament is perfect for a stocking stuffer. It’s a cute little avocado.

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