23 Vegan Breakfast Recipes To Put To The Test

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I see a lot of vegans struggling to come up with ideas of what to eat for breakfast. These vegan breakfast recipes will give you lots of ideas of things to make.

To get started making these vegan breakfast recipes, you’ll need the following:

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Vegan Breakfast Recipe #1 – Chia Seed Pudding

Vegan Chia Seed Pudding
This vegan chia seed pudding recipe is sweet, simple, delicious, and has a fun texture. You can eat it for breakfast, a snack, or dessert.
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2. Crepes

vegan crepes
These vegan crepes were made by Sweet As Honey. They’re easy and dairy free. They have almond milk, coconut oil, and more in them. You can top them with chocolate and peanut butter. If you’re not a fan of peanut butter, you could use almond butter instead.
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3. Acai Bowls

vegan acai bowls
Acai Bowls
Acai bowls are so refreshing! They’re the perfect breakfast in the summer. Bakerita made this vegan smoothie bowl. It’s made with non-dairy milk and topped with coconut, berries, and banana. If you’ve never had an acai bowl, this is one of the first vegan recipes from this post you should try. They are so yummy!
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4. Biscuits and Gravy

vegan biscuits and gravy recipe
Biscuits and Gravy
Biscuits and gravy are a comforting breakfast. Our Wandering Kitchen made this vegan recipe for them.
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5. Belgian Waffles

vegan belgian waffles
Belgian Waffles
These vegan waffles were made by Foodal. Some of the ingredients in them are flax seeds, almond milk, all-purpose flour, and vegan margarine.
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6. Egg Muffins

vegan egg muffins
Egg Muffins
Okonomi Kitchen made these vegan egg muffins. They’re gluten free and have a lot of protein.
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7. Cinnamon Rolls

vegan cinnamon rolls
Cinnamon Rolls
Vegan cinnamon rolls are such a sweet and yummy breakfast. They have icing on them and you can make them ahead of time.
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8. Avocado Toast

vegan avocado toast
Avocado Toast
I love to eat plant based avocado toast for breakfast or lunch! Mindful Avocado has recipes for 4 different ways of making it.
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9. Pancakes

vegan pancakes
These vegan pancakes were made by Well Plated. They’re fluffy and thick. The recipe calls for unsweetened almond milk, maple syrup, lemon zest, baking powder, and more.
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10. Everything Bagels

vegan everything bagels
Everything Bagels
Everything bagels are my favorite kind of vegan bagels. The recipe is from Almost Like Moms. She also gives you a recipe to make a green goddess cream cheese to put on it.
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11. Cream Cheese

vegan cream cheese
Cream Cheese
Vegan Blueberry made this recipe for vegan cream cheese. It’s quick and only takes 5 minutes to make. It’s creamy, smooth, and spreads easily. It’s made from cashews.
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12. Omelet

vegan omelet
The Edgy Veg made this vegan omelet. Instead of eggs, the base is made with tofu. It’s filled with veggies and dairy-free cream cheese.
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13. Baked Donuts With Chocolate Frosting

vegan Baked Donuts With Chocolate Frosting
Baked Donuts With Chocolate Frosting
Clean Eats and Treats made these perfect looking baked vegan cake donuts that have chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles on top.
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14. Blueberry Pancakes

vegan blueberry pancakes
Blueberry Pancakes
Shane and Simple made these delicious looking vegan blueberry pancakes. They don’t have any dairy or oil in them.
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15. Breakfast Burrito

vegan breakfast burrito
Breakfast Burrito
This vegan breakfast burrito was made by Lauren Caris Cooks. It is filled with chickpeas, seitan bacon, avocado, tomatoes, and more.
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16. Frittata

vegan frittata
My Pure Plants made this vegan frittata. All the veggies in it make it so colorful. It doesn’t take too long to make.
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17. Orange Cranberry Scones

vegan Orange Cranberry Scones
Orange Cranberry Scones
These vegan scones are orange cranberry flavored. They’re crumbly and super flavorful.
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18. Mushroom “Bacon”

vegan mushroom bacon
Mushroom u0022Baconu0022
Plantbased and Broke made this vegan bacon out of mushrooms. It’s also made with seasonings and maple syrup.
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19. French Toast

vegan french toast
French Toast
This vegan french toast recipe was made by Love and Lemons. It’s an easy vegan breakfast and it’s egg free.
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20. Green Smoothie

vegan green smoothie
Green Smoothie
A green smoothie can be a great way to start the day. This one was made by Simple Green Smoothies. It has spinach, mango, and other fruits in it. This is a good, healthy breakfast.
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21. Hash Browns

vegan hash browns
Hash Browns
Hash browns are a great side dish for breakfast. Cookie and Kate made this vegan recipe for it. The garlic powder and onion powder give it a great flavor.
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22. Breakfast “Sausage”

vegan breakfast sausage
Breakfast u0022Sausageu0022
This vegan breakfast sausage was made by Bohemian Vegan Kitchen. It’s made from lentils, oats, and seasonings.
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23. Overnight Oats

vegan overnight oats
Overnight Oats
Overnight oats are a great make-ahead breakfast. These gluten-free ones were made by One Lovely Life. It has strawberries and bananas in it.
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