17 Vegan Donut Recipes To Make Your Day Better

vegan donut recipes

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Donuts are one of my absolute favorite things to eat! Vegan donuts can be a little hard to come by, so consider making some of these vegan donut recipes to satisfy your cravings.

To get started making donuts, you’ll need baking pans and a deep fryer.

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Vegan Donut Recipe #1 – Chocolate Donuts

vegan chocolate donuts
Chocolate Donuts
These vegan chocolate donuts were made by Allergy Awesomeness. They’re baked donuts and they’re gluten free because they have a gluten free flour in them. They are so cute looking with the sprinkles on top! You’ll need a donut pan to make them.
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2. Powdered Donuts

vegan powdered donuts
Powdered Donuts
I love powdered donuts! The recipe for these is from Vegan Huggs. The ingredients used for these include powdered sugar, all purpose flour, applesauce, non-dairy milk (like almond milk), and more.
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3. Cake Batter Donuts

vegan cake batter donuts
Cake Batter Donuts
Choosing Chia made these cake batter donuts. They have vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles on top.
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4. Maple Bars

Maple Bars
Maple bars are my favorite kind of donuts! These vegan maple bars were made by Hell Yeah It’s Vegan!
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5. Lemon Coconut Donuts

vegan coconut lemon donuts
Lemon Coconut Donuts
Lemon and coconut are so yummy together! Connoisseurus Veg made these lemon and coconut baked vegan donuts.
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6. Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts
I ate a lot of cinnamon sugar donuts growing up and have always loved them. These vegan cinnamon sugar donuts were made by Veggies Don’t Bite.
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7. Glazed Donuts

vegan glazed donuts
Glazed Donuts
These are the most classic donuts out there. Make It Dairy Free made these vegan glazed donuts. They only take 25 minutes to make!
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8. Pumpkin Donuts

Pumpkin Donuts
These pumpkin donuts are so perfect to make in October when the weather is getting chilly. This vegan recipe was made by Food With Feeling.
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9. Lemon Donuts

Lemon Donuts
These vegan lemon donuts were made by Beaming Baker. They are dairy free and gluten free. The recipe needs lemon juice, maple syrup, oat flour, almond flour, and more.
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10. Apple Cider Donuts

vegan apple cider donuts
Apple Cider Donuts
This is another great fall donut recipe. My Darling Vegan made these baked apple cider donuts. They have apple cider, apple sauce, and lots of yummy spices in them.
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11. Raspberry Donuts

Raspberry Donuts
Raspberry Donuts
A Virtual Vegan made these raspberry donuts. I love the pink raspberry icing on top! It has raspberry juice, coconut milk, and powdered sugar in it.
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12. Toasted Coconut Donuts

vegan toasted coconut donuts
Toasted Coconut Donuts
These toasted coconut donuts were made by Namely Marly. They have vegan butter, coconut oil, coconut flakes, and more in them.
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13. Blackberry Donuts

vegan blackberry donuts
Blackberry Donuts
I love blackberries when they’re in season in the summer! Allergylicious made this recipe for blackberry donuts. They are topped with a lemon glaze.
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14. Blueberry Donuts

vegan blueberry donuts
Blueberry Donuts
These vegan blueberry donuts were made by The Big Man’s World. The recipe has blueberries, coconut oil, maple syrup, and more.
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15. Copycat Krispy Kreme Donut Holes

vegan copycat krispie kreme donut holes
Copycat Krispy Kreme Donut Holes
Nerdy Mama made this vegan Krispy Kreme donut holes recipe. You’ll need corn syrup, aquafaba, coconut milk, and more to make them.
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16. Chai Spiced Donuts

Chai Spiced Donuts
How amazing do chai spiced doughnuts sound?! I know I love a chai tea latte during winter time, so these vegan doughnuts sound amazing. They were made by Delightful Adventures.
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17. Coffee Cake Donuts

vegan coffee cake donuts
Coffee Cake Donuts
These vegan coffee cake donuts were made by Plant Well. They have a crumble topping and glaze on them.
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