14 Vegan Greek Recipes You Need To Make ASAP

vegan greek recipes

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These vegan Greek recipes will bring the Mediterranean to your kitchen. They are delicious and fun to make.

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To get started with these recipes, you’ll need the following:

Vegan Greek Recipe #1 – Gyros

vegan gyros
Gyros are a classic Greek food. This recipe for vegan gyros is from Oh My Veggies. Greek vegan recipes like this are so fun to eat!
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2. Baklava

vegan baklava
Baklava is a Middle Eastern dessert. It has layers of dough filled with nuts. This recipe is from Leite’s Culinaria.
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3. Mushroom Souvlaki

vegan mushroom souvlaki
Mushroom Souvlaki
This vegan Greek souvlaki is a simple recipe made with mushrooms. It’s gluten free. The recipe is from A Veg Taste From A To Z.
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4. Tzatziki Sauce

vegan tzatziki sauce
Tzatziki Sauce
Tzatziki sauce is a favorite authentic Greek recipe. This recipe is from The Movement Menu.
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5. Pita Bread

vegan pita bread
Pita Bread
Pita bread is a favorite Greek food of mine. It’s soft and delicious. This recipe for vegan pita bread has olive oil, yeast, flour, and more in it. It was made by Cook With Kushi.
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6. Halvah Bars

vegan halvah bars
Halvah Bars
May I Have That Recipe made this recipe for vegan halva bars. They’re a Greek dessert made with pistachios, coconut cream, oats, and more.
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7. Tofu Skewers

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8. Veggie Balls with Tahini Lemon Sauce

vegan greek veggie balls
Veggie Balls With Tahini Lemon Sauce
These vegan Greek meatballs are made from veggies, breadcrumbs, and more. Sharon Palmer made this recipe.
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9. Spanakopita

vegan spanakopita
Cook Veggielicious made this vegan Spanakopita. It has lots of fresh herbs in the recipe.
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10. Greek Fava

vegan Greek Fava
Greek Fava
Greek fava is made with fava beans, garlic, lemon juice, and more. Mediterranean Living made this Greek recipe.
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11. Stuffed Vine Leaves

vegan stuffed vine leaves
Stuffed Vine Leaves
This Greek dish goes by a few different names. It can be called stuffed vine leaves, stuffed grape leaves, or Dolmadakia. This traditional Greek recipe is from Real Greek Recipes.
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12. Pastitsio

vegan Pastitsio
Mouth Watering Vegan made this Greek dish. It’s a plant based baked pasta dish.
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13. Moussaka

vegan Moussaka
The Veg Space made this vegan Moussaka recipe. It has layers of lentils, aubergines, and a potato and bechamel layer.
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14. Yemista

vegan Yemista
Mia Kouppa made these Greek stuffed peppers. Other ingredients in the recipe are tomato sauce, onion, and rice.
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