20 Vegan Instant Pot Recipes To Try Tonight

vegan instant pot recipes

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Instant Pots have become very popular in the last couple of years. It is a multi-cooker. You can use them as a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a warmer, a steamer, and more. These vegan Instant Pot recipes will give you plenty of ideas for what to make in yours.

To get started with these recipes, you’ll need an Instant Pot. This is the one that I recommend!

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Vegan Instant Pot Recipe #1 – Chow Mein

vegan chow mein
Chow Mein
This recipe for vegan chow mein in an instant pot is from Sandhya’s Kitchen. It is quick, healthy, and easy vegan meal to make. It has noodles, veggies, and a sauce in it.
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2. Corn Chowder

vegan instant pot corn chowder
Corn Chowder
Recipes From A Pantry made this instant pot corn chowder with sweet potatoes. You make it in the instant pot using the slow cooker setting. Optional toppings for the soup are sundried tomatoes, green onions, and chipotle sauce. Yum!
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3. Mac & Cheese

vegan mac and cheese
Mac u0026 Cheese
This vegan macaroni and cheese recipe has vegan cheese, cashew milk, vegan butter, macaroni noodles, and seasonings. The recipe is from Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen.
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4. Bolognese Sauce

vegan Bolognese sauce
Bolognese Sauce
This vegan bolognese sauce has tons of veggies, lentils, and a lot of seasonings. It was made by Instant Pot Eats.
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5. Carrot Ginger Soup

vegan carrot ginger soup
Carrot Ginger Soup
This beautiful carrot ginger soup was made by Vegan Huggs. The cook time is only 30 minutes, which makes it a great dinner on a night that you’re busy.
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6. Chili

Chili is one of those staple meals, so you have to try this recipe for it from Choosing Chia. It has black beans, kidney beans, lots of veggies, and spices.
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7. Burrito Bowls

vegan burrito bowls
Burrito Bowls
I love burrito bowls and I love that this recipe can be made in the instant pot. Running With Spoons makes them with rice, black beans, salsa, veggies, and spices.
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8. Lasagna Soup

Lasagna Soup
Lasagna soup is such a fun take on lasagna. Vegan Richa made this recipe.
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9. Drunken Noodles

instant pot drunken noodles
Drunken Noodles
Cook With Manali made this dish of drunken noodles. Doesn’t it look delicious?! This is an easy recipe to make and it can be made gluten free.
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10. White Bean Stew

White Bean Stew
This recipe for white bean stew is from Rainbow Plant Life. The recipe has white beans, potatoes, seasonings, tomatoes, and more.
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11. “Chicken” and Dumplings

u0022Chickenu0022 and Dumplings
Healthier Steps made this recipe for plant based chicken and dumplings. The chicken is made from soy curls.
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12. Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup
I love lentils and especially in soup. This recipe for instant pot lentil soup is from Yummy Mummy Kitchen.
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13. Tofu Lettuce Wraps

Tofu Lettuce Wraps
Lettuce wraps are so fun to eat. The filling for these ones from Herbivore Cucina has tofu, mushrooms, peanut butter, sesame oil, and more.
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14. Vegetable Soup

vegan vegetable soup
Vegetable Soup
I love vegetable soup year round, but especially in the fall and winter. Where You Get Your Protein makes hers with vegetable broth, tons of different veggies, and seasonings.
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15. Jambalaya

Vegan Jambalaya
This vegan jambalaya was made by Vegan Runner Eats. It has long grain rice, vegetable broth, onion, a green bell pepper, and more.
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16. Applesauce

I never would have thought to make applesauce in the instant pot till I saw this recipe from The Simple Veganista. It’s an easy recipe that doesn’t take long to make.
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17. Kale Potato Soup

vegan instant pot kale potato soup
Kale Potato Soup
Potatoes are one of my favorite ingredients in soup! This recipe from Running On Real Food also has kale, carrots, celery, garlic, and more.
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18. Black Bean Chili

vegan black bean chili
Black Bean Chili
Kitchen Treaty made this recipe for black bean chili. It has less than 10 ingredients and is simple to make.
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19. Lentil Chili

vegan lentil chili
Lentil Chili
This vegan lentil chili takes minimal effort to make. It is great for if you’re cooking on a busy weeknight. The recipe for it is from Peas and Crayons.
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20. Mashed Potatoes

vegan instant pot mashed potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
These dairy free mashed potatoes can be made in the instant pot. The recipe is from Veggies Save The Day. They are creamy and easy to make. There is not a lot of meal prep for this recipe.
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