12 Decoration Trends for Christmas

12 decoration trends for Christmas 2020: beautiful ideas for your home

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As Christmas is just around the corner, it’s time for us to get down to work to tell you the trends in Christmas decoration, don’t you think? As you will see, the vintage, starry and Christmas decorations in white will be the main protagonists, but there is still much more that you surely do not want to miss.

Decorations for Christmas, this year it will take…

This about fashions and trends is not only for clothes and accessories, in Christmas decorations there is also talk of things that are worn again and those that fall into oblivion. If you are one of those who loves to dress your house for Christmas according to what is current, then you will not want to miss our special trend decorations for Christmas, which one will become your favorite?

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If you want to get it right, we recommend that you check a few ideas before choosing the ones that are going to be for you and that you also visit a Christmas market in your city, so you can find unique, special and natural decorative elements.

1 Simple and colorful Christmas decorations

To begin with, we have this trend that is sure to be adopted by more than one family, especially when you are in a hurry to get everything ready but you cannot waste much time filling all the rooms with decorations and more decorations .

The simple Christmas decoration is based on putting the tree, the garland and other decorations but all of them and, here comes the most important thing, full of color. In green, lilac, in blue, in red… but let it be a hue that marks the decoration of the entire home .

2 Christmas socks sneak into homes around the world

It turns out that it is a deep-rooted tradition in many countries and that it is now becoming a fashion trend for Christmas in many others. Matching large socks for the whole family will decorate living rooms and fireplaces while inviting Santa to leave his present right there. Do you like to put in your house? There are those who say that he is going to choose them in red, the usual color, and others who are going to bet on pure white, how beautiful they are both!

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3 The minimalist and very fun decorations are also going to give a lot to talk about

For families with small children who are also looking for a nice, fun and not too busy Christmas decoration, we have the minimalist trend that bets on bright colors, simple decorations and decorative crafts. Respect the same color range and you will have a very special Christmas atmosphere.

4 Christmas trees are filled this year with snow stars

Last year Christmas trees full of red decorations were worn, the previous year gold and silver details predominated, for this one the color white is worn , but not in the tinsel but in some very large stars and in a snow effect that instead of cold it is warm and homey. And if you combine it with the white socks from before? It will look great on you!

5 This Christmas also takes the vintage

We can put that vintage note with wooden decorations or we can echo that other proposal that tells us to mix wood and white to combine with the green of the leaves of our tree.

On the other hand there is also the rural Christmas decoration. To do this, we have to combine tree branches, natural if possible, the color green, decorated dried pineapples, wicker and brown and ocher tones both in the tree and in the rest of our home.

More Christmas decoration trends for you to dress up your home

This year the decoration trends for Christmas have surprised us, not only because of the subtle colors that they have as the protagonist, but also because ‘do it yourself’ is going to be the order of the day. Of course you can follow just one of these ideas or mix several together, what you are going to achieve is a unique and very special decoration. We continue with another batch of ideas!

6 Flowers for the garlands

If this year you are also going to put a garland or crown on the door of your house and you want to follow other trends in Christmas decoration 2022, what you have to do is design said crown with flowers that follow the same line of shades and, also, put a small bell in the center to one of the sides.

7 Nordic-style Christmas decorations will be another of the most important trends in decoration

This year, it seems, the white color prevails, the vintage decorations and, consequently, the Nordic style. It’s not just us saying it, on social networks it’s already becoming a frequent topic of conversation. In addition to white, grays, woods, aromatic candles that also have a beautiful silver color and special and unique natural motifs prevail.

8 Wooden toys will be another decorative element at Christmas

Wooden toys are not just for playing, in many homes they will be one more decorative element that adorns entrances, tables, walls or even be seen at the foot of the tree or hang from one of its branches as a nice keychain .

9 Christmas decoration with branches and dried fruits

As we were telling you before, in addition to decorations in the same chromatic range, this Christmas the natural will also be popular, especially in fruits and branches. In this way, we can decorate our table with small branches of eucalyptus in addition to putting dried fruits such as orange slices, pineapple or pears decorated with a beautiful silver color in certain places. Now that I think about it, it may even be a good idea to do as a hobby with the little ones in the house.

10 DY or DIY Christmas decoration

To decorate your house for Christmas in a beautiful way and how you like it, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money or go to all the shops in the city, what you can do, which is fun and is also fashionable , is to create your own Christmas decorations with recycled materials . Do you need more than one idea? We give them to you!

11 The turquoise and red color for the table

As for the table for Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, not only is it worth serving the most delicious dishes, you also have to decorate it a little so that it has a special smell. To do this, bet on another trend and choose bright shades in the turquoise and cherry range for this occasion. For the small details, red and mustard.

12 The wrapping of gifts with fabrics, what do you think?

When we talk about Christmas decorations, there seems to be no end to things, from the Christmas tree, to the decorations, to the gift wrappers . For the latter, neither the usual colored paper, nor newspaper sheets, this time we are going to wrap the gifts with pieces of old but beautiful fabrics and in a beautiful color.

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