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5 original ideas to decorate the table at Christmas

If you have guests on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, it is more than likely that you are already thinking about how to decorate the table so that it can be a great presentation and that, in addition to being beautiful, your guests will be delighted. But if what you want are some original ideas to inspire you to decorate your Christmas table , don’t miss what comes next.

Original ideas for your table at Christmas

1.  Name of the guests. Normally at Christmas dinners or lunches, there are usually quite a few guests and so that they know where they should sit without being overwhelmed, you can do as at a wedding and put the names on the table. There are many ways to do it and you can think of the one you like the most, but an ideal and easy one is to take a chocolate and stick a toothpick where you will have put the name of your guest with a pretty piece of paper. In addition to knowing where to sit, you can enjoy delicious chocolate!

2 Upside down cups. If you want to create a nice atmosphere you can create a very original centerpiece. It is as simple as putting three glasses upside down and inside the glass add a little moss or plant leaves and in the base of the glass some small lighted candles.

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3. Santa Claus socks for cutlery. At Christmas time it is easy to find Christmas socks in stores, but these socks should be smaller because they are to store the cutlery while you decorate the table, an excellent idea!

4 Well-presented napkins. If you want to achieve a unique effect, you should give prominence to the napkins that you will put on top of the empty plate. You can wrap them with a bow as if they were a gift or put a rope to wrap them and a cardboard Christmas tree in the middle, both ideas are easy and original!

5. Mini gifts for the table. Another great idea is to put mini gifts on the table with the name of each of the guests. In those mini gifts you can put whatever you want inside that the diners like, but do you know what does not fail? Sweets and sweets! 

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