Three Easy Strategies to Simplify Your Life This Christmas

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I don’t want to worry you but are you aware that Christmas is in only a few weeks away. Although it’s a wonderful time of year. I love the celebration and fun of the holidays. It can also be a very stressful and overwhelming time of year. So I have found some ways to simplify your life this Christmas.

#1 learn how to say no 

Why is this little word so hard for so many women to say? I use to be this way early on in my marriage and when my daughter was young. I tried to do it all and not ask for help. It just seemed like what I was supposed to do. I ended up not taking care of myself and had major health issues.

So after that, I learned to start saying no.  Saying no and asking for help wasn’t easy but the reality is that most often people understand when you say no. It’s not as big of a deal to them that you said no as it is to you to say it.

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So my advice to you for this holiday. Is to figure out what things you don’t really want to do. Maybe it’s something that you just don’t have time for, something that is more work than it’s worth or maybe just not something that you or your family will really enjoy.

It doesn’t really matter .why you want to say no.  You are in control of your time.  Now say no to at least one thing on this list of stuff you want to say no to. You really should say no to more of them but start with one. Take back a little of your time. 

When you say no keep it simple. You don’t need to give a big explanation or reason. Just it doesn’t work for your schedule this year to go to X. You would love to do it again sometime or maybe we will see you at something else. For my family, I try to remember that the holidays are about my husband, my daughter and me. If some activity or event is not a good fit for us or trying to do it all will make us stressed and miserable it helps me to say no. 

#2 decide what is really important 

One way to make saying no a little easier is to get really clear on your priorities. There is not enough time to do everything and to be everywhere. None of us can and not everything is equally important. If you want to make life and this holiday season run smoother and be more enjoyable. You need to figure out what are your priorities and then make plans that fit with those priorities. 

To simplify your life this Christmas decide where you want to spend your time and what means the most to you and your family and then if things interfere with your priorities give yourself permission to say no. That’s what we are doing this holiday. My daughter and I are going to visit family in California. My husband can’t go because he has a new job and doesn’t have vacation time. 

So my priority is that the three of us are together in our home on Christmas morning so although that means missing part of my sisters visit to California and having the kids together. We aren’t flying out till the day after Christmas. Once I was clear on my priorities it was easier to figure out what to do. It’s OK to put your family’s wants and needs ahead of other people. It’s also a great example to demonstrate for your children. 

#3 Make a schedule and stick to it 

The key to simplify your life this Christmas is to start planning it now. Get out your calendar and block out things. Also, schedule in time to get things done. You don’t want to be shopping in the crowds on December 23rd trying to get things done. 

So pick some time and get it on your calendar to get tasks for Christmas done. That way you are not trying to figure out how to squeeze things in at the last minute. That’s when you will start getting really stressed and overwhelmed. When you are doing too many things all at the last minute. So make a plan with your priorities and remember to say no to things that aren’t as important. 

The goal for this Christmas is to do things that make you and your family happy and actually enjoy your holidays.  So I hope you will simplify your life this Christmas because of the stress of trying to do it all and be perfect benefits no one. 

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