60 Easy Red, White and Blue Patriotic Desserts for the 4th of July

4th of July Desserts

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Before we know it summer will be here and with summer comes Memorial Day and Fourth of July which calls for red white and blue desserts. So I’ve found the best patriotic desserts that I can find to share with you.

So if you are looking for delicious red white and blue desserts to make for a party or holiday. These patriotic desserts would be the perfect treat to bring to the next barbeque, potluck, family get together or even just as a special treat for your family.

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No Bake Red White and Blue Desserts

In the summer it’s sometimes too hot to turn on the stove, I get it when I lived in California I tried to never turn the stove on in the summer. When it’s 100 degrees out you don’t want it to get any hotter in your home. So here are some of my favorite no bake Patriotic desserts.

  1. No Bake Summer Berry Lasagna Yum!

2. Strawberry Shortcake Trifle

3 Red White and Blue Jell-O

4. Fourth of July ice cream pie

5 Fireworks no bake Oreo Cheesecake bars

6 Patriotic mini cheesecake parfaits

7 Berry icebox cake

8 triple berry cheesecake tart

9 4th of July Marshmallow Pops

10 Red white and Blue Bark

11 Patriotic ice cream Sandwiches

12. Fourth of July fruit and Jello Cups

13. Mini Patriotic Cheesecakes

14. No Bake Thumbprint Cookies

15. Stuffed Strawberries

16. Cheesecake rice crispy Treats

17. Red white and Blue Banana Pudding

18. Red white and Blue Chocolate Lasagna

19. Berry Cheesecake Trifle

20. White Chocolate Cheesecake Parfaits

Patriotic Cookies and Red white and Blue Brownies

Are you looking for patriotic desserts but would prefer brownies or cookies? You are in luck here are some great red white and blue brownies and patriotic cookies to bring to your memorial day or Fourth of July party.

  1. fourth of July pizza cookie

2. Fourth of July rice Krispy treats

3 Vanilla Oreo Truffles

4 Swirled red white and Blue cookie Bars

5. Fourth of July Brownies

6 Berry Brownie Kabobs

7 4th of July Magic cookie bars

8 red white and blue cake mix cookies

9. Easy sugar cookie bars

10 4th of July s’mores Bars

11. Star Spangled Cookies

12. Red white and Blue Cookie Bars

13. Patriotic Marshmallow Crunch Brownies

14. Patriotic Pretzel M&M Brownies

15. Patriotic S’mores Brownies

16. Patriotic Blondies

17. Patriotic Sugar Cookie Bars

18. Patriotic Jello Cookies

19. Red white and blue Fudge Brownies

20. Patriotic Star Brownies

Red white and Blue cakes and Patriotic pies

If you are a fan of cake or pie there are plenty of delicious red white and blue options. You can make the perfect patriotic cake or pie for your family or friends for the next Holiday bbq you go to for Memorial Day or Fourth of July.

1 Firecracker red white and blue cake

2 American Flag cake

3 Red White and Blue Poke Cake

4 American Flag Slab Pie

5 red white and blue Cupcakes

6. Chocolate chip cookie pie

7. Cherry and Blueberry Hand Pies

8. Red White and Blue Mini Cakes

9. Swirled Bundt Cake

10. Funfetti Flag Cake

11. American Flag Coconut Cake

12. Fresh Berry Vanilla Layered Cake

13. Mini Ice Cream Pies

14. Patriotic Hand Pies

15. Red White and Blue Ice Cream Cake

16. Red white and blue Cake pops

17. Fourth of July Bundt Cake

18. Fourth of July Cake in a Jar

19 Red White and Blue Marble Cake

20. Strawberry American Flag Poke Cake

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