50+ Fun Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

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I’m such a big fan of Holidays and making them fun and special for my daughter. Now that she’s a teen that can be more of a challenge. There are still lots of fun Gift ideas for teenage girls.

You may not know what your teen wants but you still want to give them a little something. So I made sure to include my daughter when making this post of Gift ideas for teen girls. She approved my choices and had me include a few of hers.

For my daughter, I try to do a few bigger items and then a bunch of small things, so I’ve tried to include both bigger and smaller Gift ideas so you can pick and choose what works for your teen’s basket.

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This post was originally for Easter basket ideas but the gifts could work for Christmas or birthday gifts as well.

50 Great Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

  1. Beach Towel

2. earrings

3. Headphones

4. flip flops

5 bath bombs

6. Cookbook

7. makeup brushes

8. Movie gift card

9. Coffee gift card

10. Hair Brush

11. Journal

12. Lip balm

13. Scrunchies

14. Marshmallow Face Mask

15. Photo Lights

16. Nail Polish

17. WaterBottle

18.some fun Unicorn Slippers

19. Sunglasses

20. perfume

21.coffee mug

22. stickers for water bottles/laptops

23. beanie

24. Letter board


26. swim goggles

27. Makeup Mirror

28. Makeup

29. socks

30.Personalized Necklace

31. Light up Mouse

32. shower speaker

33. 3-1 charging Station

34. coloring book

35. Oversized Wearable Blanket (My teen asked for this, so it’s on our list)

36. phone charger

37. color changing light box

38. cozy blanket

39. phone case

40.Cute pajamas

41. umbrella

42. Jewelry Organizer

43. sweater

44. books

45. Makeup Bag

46. popsocket

47. Gel Pens

48. arts and crafts kit

49. wallet

50. Keychain

51. Llama Earrings

52. Baby Yoda Pop

53. Nightlight Blue tooth Speaker

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