71 creative, original and quick ideas to wrap Christmas gifts

71 creative, original and quick ideas to wrap Christmas gifts

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71 creative, original and quick ideas to wrap Christmas gifts

Christmas is a reason for family reunions, feasts, dinners, decorations and many, many gifts. We usually give our loved ones a beautiful present on these important dates, and if the interior is very important, so is the exterior of the gift.

How to make a nice gift package? We bring you some creative, original and quick ideas to wrap your Christmas gifts in the best possible way. With these tips, in addition to surprising your loved ones with the objects that you will give them, you will also impress thanks to your packaging skills. Take note!

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Christmas gifts for men

Surely you want to give your boy, your brother or a distant cousin a gift that he will never forget. However, you still haven’t thought about how you are going to wrap it, and you prefer to avoid the typical wrapping paper that can be purchased at any store. Some of these ideas will clear your doubts when choosing a way to wrap your gift. Ties, suits and endless cards to surprise the men in your life in a slightly elaborate and very original way. How about wrapping your gift in the shape of a road with cars? You will only need two black cards, a little white paint for the lines, and stick two cars on them. Cool!

Christmas gifts for women

Do you want to give something to a special woman and you don’t know how to wrap it? This Christmas you can surprise her! The packaging is essential when it comes to being more original than ever, and therefore you should think very carefully about how you want to give that girl you are thinking of. We recommend that you go for a packaging with an elegant character, with Christmas balls, reindeer or snow stars, or a fun one to take your breath away. Nor can you miss the bouquets of flowers with chocolates, or the crafts that require more elaboration. 

Christmas gifts for children

There is no doubt that children are the ones who enjoy Christmas the most. Their innocence invites them to dream of Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men, as well as to enjoy all the gifts that their loved ones offer them. As if this were not enough, the little ones will live Christmas with even more enthusiasm if they see an original and fun wrapper under their tree, like those that include their favorite movie characters.  They will surely love it!

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Christmas gifts for couples

If you have a partner, Christmas is an ideal time to give him what you know he has been wanting for a long time. If you have just started dating, it is time for you to bring out your originality, but if you have been together for a long time, it never hurts to work hard with the packaging. What is your favorite packaging? There are many ideas to choose from! We recommend a gift of ‘5 senses’ in which each of the packages will contain a gift for smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch. Write each of the meanings on the package and do not forget to remind your partner the order in which to open each of these packages.

Christmas gifts for fathers and mothers

Giving your parents this Christmas should be one of your priorities. You may not take into account everything they do for you, but you should have great detail with them since they are the people who love you the most. An advice? Wrap your gift with one of these wrappers in which they are named and they will always remember it. 

Christmas gifts for grandfathers and grandmothers

And just like parents, grandparents are also a very important part of our lives. If you are lucky enough to be able to continue enjoying your grandparents at Christmas, keep in mind that you should give them a gift as they will always thank you. A good packaging, both elegant and original, can be key when giving gifts to your grandparents. We recommend that you choose one in which some old photographs from their childhood are integrated, and combine them with the tender images that you have with them. They won’t forget it! 

Christmas gifts for friends

Are you going to give your friends a gift this Christmas? There are numerous wrappers that can help you, but the best thing is that you get down to work and do it yourself. Drawings, flowers, Christmas motifs and a long etcetera of drawings can inspire you to create a more special package. In gifts for friends you can let your imagination fly much more, as they are even more informal, fun and different from those you give to your relatives. 

Christmas gifts for the invisible friend

Christmas often brings with it the dreaded (or longed for) invisible friend . Co-workers, friends, family and many more groups can participate in this game where you buy gifts without knowing who will give it to you. Why not exude originality with these types of gifts? You will surely succeed with the gift, and the person who receives it will never forget that you have made the wrapping with your own hands. An advice? Bet on those in which the invisible friend game continues, like an alphabet soup in which you hide your name. 

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