75 Best Baby Shower Prizes Your Guests Will Love

75 best baby shower prize ideas

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When you’re throwing a baby shower, you will likely be playing a lot of fun games. You want to be able to award some awesome prizes to the baby shower game winners. Picking out the perfect baby shower prizes can be daunting.

You don’t want to pick things that people don’t really want that will end up getting tossed later on. It’s a waste of money and not fun for the guests. To avoid giving out undesirable prizes, use this list of ideas to award the prize winners with some really great items.

Tips for Baby Shower Prizes

  • You can stick with smaller, cheap baby shower prizes. Combine a few small things and put them together in a cute bag for a great presentation with a small budget.
  • Have a big prize for the grand prize winner. This can be for a specific game or the winner of a series of things.
  • Allow winners to pick their prize from an assortment when they win a game. You can display the prizes and have them come up and choose which they want. This gives people extra motivation to participate if they see a prize that they really want.
  • Try to stick to useful gifts that most people are able to enjoy. If you get too unique, people might not be interested in the prizes.
  • You can incorporate the baby shower theme into your prizes for extra fun. 
  • Ask the mom-to-be for ideas since she knows her guests the best. She’ll be able to tell you what kind of things a lot of them like so you know where to start.
baby shower prize ideas

How to Package Your Baby Shower Prizes

Presentation is key in putting together your prizes. Even affordable, simple things can feel really special when they are in cute packaging. When you can tell something has been put together with care, it makes all the difference. 

What you put your prizes in will depend on what they are. Here are some ideas on what you can use to dress up your prizes:

  • Gift cards can be wrapped in gift paper, put in pretty envelopes, or boxed in specialty card boxes.
  • Prize bundles, such as a spa bundle, can be put together in a nice basket.
  • You can use mystery bags and let each winner choose their prize without knowing what is in it.
  • You can find nice gift bags in almost any theme to match the shower theme. 
  • Use themed items to hold the prizes. For example, if you are giving out a brownie prize, you can put a whisk, brownie mix, and spatula inside of a mixing bowl. The prize winner can make brownies and will have the bowl and utensils to keep forever as part of their prize.

Great Prize Ideas for Baby Showers

Spa Themed Prizes

Using personal care, bath, and spa items is a great way to put together gift basket prizes. These are great baby shower game prize ideas for female guests. These items make great small prizes or can be bundled together into a gift set for a grand prize.

When shopping for spa themed prizes, try to go for mild scents and colors that will be enjoyed by most people to ensure your prizes are ones that the guests will actually want to enjoy. Great places to shop for these items include Bath and Body Works, Ulta, The Body Shop, and places like Target.

spa themed gifts are perfect baby shower prizes

Here are some spa items to consider adding to your prize list:

  1. Hand lotion
  2. Lip Balm
  3. Bath bombs
  4. Sugar scrub
    1. I love to make my own scrub for gifts and prizes. You can mix sugar, coconut oil, and essential oils for a quick, homemade prize.
  1. Shower gel or body wash
  2. Nail file
  3. Nail polish
  4. Lip gloss
  5. Handmade soaps
  6. Candles
  7. Essential oils
  8. Diffuser
  9. Face masks
  10. Body lotion
  11. Loofahs
  12. Bath salts
    1. This is another easy homemade option. Mix epsom salts and essential oils for a cheap and quick prize. 
  13. Hair masks
  14. Towel set
  15. Robe
  16. Spa gift vouchers
  17. Manicure set
  18. Pedicure set

Fun General Prizes

Think of fun items that you’d like to receive. These can be entertainment items, comfort items, or passes to go do something fun. Stay on theme with the shower or go off topic with some unique items.

  1. Cozy socks
  2. Headphones
  3. Journals
  4. Notebooks
  5. Event tickets
  6. Home services
  7. A monthly subscription
  8. Tshirts 
  9. Jewelry
  10. Books
  11. Hats
  12. A getaway
  13. Class voucher

Home Themed Prizes

Home items are always good prize ideas. They make great coed baby shower prizes because anyone can use them. You can find a lot of these prizes at places like Target, Home Goods, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Amazon, and other home-centered stores.

succulent pots are fun baby shower prizes

Here are some home-themed prizes to add to your list:

  1. Succulent pots and succulent plants
  2. Photo frames
  3. Cookie cutters
  4. Flower seeds
  5. Vegetable seeds
  6. Gardening tools
  7. Kitchen utensils
  8. Coasters
  9. Outdoor twinkle lights
  10. Cute signs 
  11. Bluetooth speakers
  12. Board games
  13. Tool set
  14. Cooking sets
  15. Tumblers
  16. Coffee mugs
  17. Thermoses 
  18. Mitts and potholders
  19. Throw blankets

Food and Drink Themed Prizes

Who doesn’t like food and drink prizes? These are really easy to turn into fun gift baskets! Any non-perishable items that don’t need to be refrigerated for a while are great.

food gift basket make great baby shower prizes
  1. Coffee beans
  2. Mini bottles of champagne 
  3. Chocolates
  4. Wine
  5. Cheese basket
  6. Fruit basket
  7. Local restaurant gift certificates
  8. Tea basket
  9. Small liquor bottles
  10. Baking kits
    1. E.g. A bowl with cake mix and a whisk.
  11. Baking mixes
  12. Baked good basket
  13. Snack basket
  14. Beer and glasses set
  15. Drink mixes

Virtual Baby Shower Prize Ideas

If the baby shower is happening online due to distance or other circumstances, getting gifts to the guests can be a little harder. However, we love virtual gifts for this reason! Our go to is electronic gift cards, but you can be creative and send the winners flowers, meals, or anything that can be shipped to their home.

  1. Gift cards
    1. Many stores offer electronic gift cards now. Our post 30 Best Gift Card Ideas for Mom has a lot of great options.
  2. Online items that can be shipped directly to their house
  3. Flower delivery 
  4. Meal delivery
  5. Online subscriptions
  6. Monthly delivery subscriptions


How Many Prizes Do You Need?

You’ll need a prize for each game that will be played. It’s also a good idea to get one or two extras just in case. To figure out the number of prizes you need, count the number of games you’ll play, how many winners of each game there will be, and any extra activities that would require a prize. Make sure to include diaper raffle prizes if there is a raffle. These don’t include additional party favors or goodie bags. You’ll need to account for those separately.

If your games include their own prizes, you don’t need a separate gift for them. For example, if you are playing a game where everyone guesses how many jellybeans are in a mason jar, you can give the jar and beans to the winner who guesses the closest. 

Who Should Purchase the Baby Shower Prizes?

The host will typically purchase the prizes for the baby shower. You don’t want the mom-to-be to have to pay for these. If you are throwing a shower with a group of friends or family members, you can divide the costs among you so it doesn’t fall on one person. 

How Much Should You Spend on Baby Shower Prizes?

There is no set amount that should be spent on baby shower prizes. You want the prizes to be good quality items that people will actually want to win. Smaller, more affordable items can be grouped together in bags or gift baskets to make them more valuable prizes. 

Prizes that are too expensive are unnecessary. Prizes should match the setting of the baby shower and the group of people attending. Average prizes should range between $15-$50. You might have a larger grand prize that values at $75-$100. 

Who Gets the Baby Shower Prizes?

The winners of baby shower games are the ones who receive the prizes. You can designate certain prizes for each game. Or you can let the winners choose from the prizes that are available. 

Are Baby Shower Prizes the Same as Party Favors?

No, prizes are given to winners of baby shower games. Party favors are separate and are given to each guest. 


Baby showers are all about the mom-to-be and the new baby. Don’t put a ton of pressure on yourself to give out perfect or expensive prizes. Focus on having fun and making the day special for the guest of honor. Hopefully this list of ideas has helped you find prizes that fit your budget and will be fun to win!

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