43 Best Experience Gift Ideas for Men (2024)

Experience gifts are great for the men in your life that are hard to shop for. If it seems like he has everything he already wants and needs, an experience gift is perfect! You might be wondering what an experience gift is and which is the best one to get him. Let's take a look at what experience gifts are and

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Experience Gifts For Men

Experience gifts are great for the men in your life that are hard to shop for. If it seems like he has everything he already wants and needs, an experience gift is perfect! You might be wondering what an experience gift is and which is the best one to get him. Let’s take a look at what experience gifts are and then get to our list that you can use to pick the best experience for the guy in your life.

What Are Experience Gifts?

An experience gift is a present that focuses on giving the recipient an experience rather than a physical item. It could be anything from skydiving to cooking classes, concert tickets to a wine tasting tour. The options are endless!

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Why Get Him an Experience Gift?

There are plenty of reasons to get your guy an experience gift instead of a regular material gift. First, it shows that you put thought into his interests and what he would enjoy doing. Second, it creates memories that will last long after the event is over. Third, it cuts down on clutter and saves you from purchasing something he really doesn’t want or need. After all, how many ties does a guy really need?

What Occasions Are Experience Gifts Good For?

Experience gifts are great for any occasion where you’re buying a gift for someone. Some times where you might choose an experience gift are:

  • Christmas
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations

Experience Gift Ideas For Guys

Use this list of experience gift ideas to pick out the perfect present for your boyfriend, husband, Dad, son, grandpa, uncle, or any other guy in your life. Choose something they can go do alone or with the whole family. He’s sure to love what you gift him as long as it relates to his general interests and shows how much thought you put into his gift!

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1. Gift Cards

Gift cards are an easy go-to for experience gifts. Let them go on their own shopping spree and pick out something they really want! Most businesses offer gift certificates making it really easy to get one to his favorite store.

2. Concert Tickets

Is his favorite band coming to town? Get him a pair of concert tickets and he can go enjoy the show with a friend. He’ll get to enjoy the concert and have a great memory to look back on.

2. Skydiving

For the thrill seeker in your life, skydiving is an excellent choice. It’s the perfect way to get his adrenaline pumping and give him a story to tell for years to come. If you’re brave enough, you can join in and get both of you passes so he doesn’t have to jump alone.

3. Dance Lessons

Is he always telling you he doesn’t know how to dance? Or maybe he loves dancing but could use a few lessons to brush up on his skills. Check to see which local dance studios offer lessons and grab him a certificate for some classes.

4. Wine Tasting – Whiskey Tasting – Beer Tasting

No matter what his preferred drink is, you are likely able to purchase a certificate somewhere locally for him to use on a tasting. Check local breweries and wineries to see what their tasting options are to find the perfect spot for him to go enjoy some drinks and try something new.

5. Spa Day

If you think classic spa days are more for women, you’re wrong! There are plenty of services men can enjoy and booking him a spa day is a really thoughtful experience gift. Most spas offer packages for men that include things like a massage, pedicure, and specialized facials. If you’re buying for your significant other, you can book a couple’s package for the both of you.

6. Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes make perfect gift experiences. Almost every hobby or interest has a subscription box you can gift. You can usually choose from a package of monthly subscription boxes that will give him something to look forward to each month or couple of months.

Choose from subscription boxes that feature things like fishing tackle, cologne, drinks, and tons of other items. This is a fun way to extend his day for the whole year.

7. Helicopter Tour

You can book him a ticket for a helicopter tour. This can be locally or somewhere new. He can enjoy the tour from the air and get a new perspective on things. If you want to make it extra special, you can book a package that includes a nice dinner afterwards.

helicopter tour experience gift idea for men

8. Hot Air Balloon Ride

For a unique experience, book him a hot air balloon ride. This is perfect for special occasions like an anniversary or birthday. He can enjoy the ride and take in the sights from up high.

9. Fishing Trip

If he loves fishing, make it possible for him to spend some time out on the water. You can book him a fishing trip or organize one on your own. If you choose to book a trip through a service, they usually offer guided fishing where he will learn a lot and go to spots he usually wouldn’t.

10. Whitewater Rafting Trip

For the outdoorsy guy, a whitewater rafting trip is sure to be a blast. He can enjoy the thrill of the ride and the beauty of nature. You can usually book a guided rafting trip locally if you live close to a river. They will take you out for the day and guide you through rapids and often stop for lunch at fun locations.

11. Escape Room

Escape rooms are a fun way to test out his problem solving skills. He can work with a group to solve puzzles and try to escape the room before time runs out. This is a great experience option for the whole family.

12. Book a Vacation

A vacation is one of the best gifts you can give. Book him a trip that allows you to spend some quality time together while enjoying one of his favorite destinations or exploring a new location. Some favorites are San Francisco, Las Vegas, or New York. You can also travel somewhere abroad like New Zealand or Australia!

13. Water Park/Theme Park

Another experience for him and the whole family is a trip to a water park or theme park. This is a great way to spend some time together and make some great memories. Many parks offer season passes, so this can be a gift that keeps giving all year long.

14. Paintballing

This is a perfect activity for any guy! He can enjoy some friendly competition with friends or family. Most paintballing locations have fun themed setups where you can run through and paintball your closest friends.

paintball experience gift idea for him

15. Streaming Services

If he enjoys watching shows and movies, you can get him streaming services for the year. A year of Netflix, Hulu, or other service is something you know he’ll enjoy and use!

16. Dinner At a Fancy Restaurant

Does he have a favorite steakhouse, seafood spot, or Italian restaurant? Either take him out or get him a gift certificate to use at his favorite upscale restaurant or a new place he hasn’t tried yet. Great food makes for some of the best experiences!

17. Golf Membership

No matter what his skill level is, a golf membership is great for any guy who is interested in golfing. Memberships often allow for discounted play and use of the putting greens. You can add in some golfing gear too.

18. Online Classes

You can learn almost anything online these days. If he’s interested in trying a new hobby or learning a new skill, you can get him online classes. These make great gifts because they are something he can use at his own pace and time. From starting his own business to improving his writing skills, there are a ton of classes to choose from. A general gift card to somewhere like Skillshare or Udemy would be a great gift and he can choose which classes to take.

19. Ice Cream Shop

If he has a sweet tooth, take him to get ice cream or give him gift vouchers to go grab a scoop when he wants to! No matter what his age is, ice cream is always a great choice.

20. Sporting Event Tickets

If he’s a sports fan, tickets to see his favorite team are a great experience gift idea! You can purchase tickets to one game or grab him some season tickets. You can easily find tickets to sports like football, baseball, hockey, or basketball. He’ll have a great time at the game!

21. Family Photo Shoot

Getting family photos done is one of the top experience gifts! Not only will you give him the memory of the family outing, but he will also have pictures to keep forever. You can book a photographer to meet you at one of your family’s favorite locations and have fun posing and coming up with scenes to photograph in. You can pair this gift with a nice photo album or prints of the best pictures taken that day.

22. Go to the Movie Theater

If he is a movie buff, going to the theater is a great way to spend the day. This is also a great place to take the whole family. If he’s more of a solo movie watcher, you can grab him a gift certificate to use when there’s a new movie coming out that he wants to go see.

23. Video Message

If he’s unable to be around all of his friends and family for his special day, you can collect video messages and play them for him. Have people record a nice message that will help him feel special. There is also the option to have a celebrity send him a message through services like Cameo.

24. Art Class

Whether it’s a painting, drawing, or pottery class, gifting an art class is a great experience gift for creative people. This is fun for all skill levels! If he likes to get creative, this is the perfect gift for him to create something and get to take it home too.

art class experience gift idea for him

25. Botanical Gardens

Is he into plants or gardening? Visiting a botanical garden is a great way to spend the day. Many of them have different gardens with diverse plant life to explore. This is also a great place to take pictures!

26. Scavenger Hunt

You can create a fun scavenger hunt for him to do either by himself or with friends and family. This is a great way to get him out and about, exploring new places. You can make the hunt as easy or difficult as you want, depending on his age and interests.

27. Food Tours

If he loves to try new foods, a food tour would be a great experience for him. This is a fun way to explore different restaurants that he normally wouldn’t. Many food tours also include history or facts about the area, so he can learn something new too!

28. Cooking Class

If he enjoys cooking or wants to learn how, a cooking class is a great gift idea. He can learn how to cook different cuisines or perfect his baking skills. This is a fun way to spend the day and he’ll get to eat his creations too! This is a versatile experience gift that can be romantic or fun for the whole family.

29. AirBnB Experiences

Airbnb Experiences are a great gift idea for anyone who loves to explore new things. Hosted by local experts, these experiences go beyond typical tours or classes, immersing the guest in the unique world of the host. Whether it’s an in-person experience or an online one, there is something for everyone.

30. Music Lessons

If the man in your life has been wanting to learn how to play an instrument, music lessons are a great experience gift! He can learn how to play the guitar, piano, drums, or any other instrument he’s interested in. This is a great way to get him started on his musical journey.

31. Board Games

Is he a fan of board games? There are many different experience gifts that revolve around playing games. You can buy him a board game that he’s been wanting, or you can spend the day playing his favorites. A game night is the perfect addition to add to experience days on a special occasion.

32. Train Ride

This is a great experience gift for anyone who loves to travel. If he’s never been on a train before, this will be a fun and unique experience he won’t forget. He can sit back and relax as he watches the scenery go by. This is a great way to spend some quality time with him and make some great memories. You can see what train rides are available near him and even turn it into a small weekend trip to a fun destination.

train ride experience gift idea for him

33. Flight Lessons

Is he an adventurer who’d like to learn to fly a plane? Flight lessons make for a great experience gift! He can learn the basics of flying and even take the controls for a bit. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that he’ll remember forever.

34. Race Car Driving Experience

If he loves to drive fast and wants to feel what it would be like to be a Nascar driver, then race car driving is the perfect gift. He can drive around the track and even get some professional coaching. This is an adrenaline-pumping experience that will be hard to beat in the years to come.

35. Boat Rentals

If he has always wanted his own boat, but doesn’t have one, a boat rental is the perfect way to get him out on the water for the day. This way he doesn’t have to deal with the hassle of boat ownership, but gets to enjoy the benefits. Whether it’s a sailboat, fishing boat, or jet boat, this is a great experience gift!

36. Building Tours

Depending on where you live, there are usually an assortment of buildings he can tour. From haunted, old prisons, to historic buildings, there are many good options. Check to see what buildings are available for touring in his area.

37. Beardsmithing Appointment

If you want him to feel like a million bucks, get him a beardsmithing appointment. Many local barbers offer a fancy, straight-razor shave and there are also dedicated beardsmithing services available. Most of these appointments include a haircut, shave, hot towel and oil treatment and massage. This is the ultimate spa experience for beard owners.

38. Comedy Show

If he loves to laugh, a comedy show is the perfect experience gift. Grab tickets to one of his favorite comedians who come to town or attend a local comedy night. You can make a whole evening of it and grab drinks and dinner too.

39. Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a great way to let loose and have some fun. He can compete with friends or family to see who has the best throwing arm. This is a great gift for anyone who loves a little friendly competition.

axe throwing gift experience gift idea for a man

40. Luxury Rental

If you want him to have the ultimate relaxing experience, book a nice hotel room or local AirBnB type rental. You can go all out with a nice room with a hot tub or pool access. This is a great way to let him get away without spending a fortune on a vacation or long trip.

41. Take Him On a Picnic

One of the best things about celebrating someone in the spring and summer is being able to enjoy picnics in the park. You can pack a nice lunch and spend the day enjoying each other’s company. This is a great, inexpensive experience gift that will create some lasting memories.

42. Camping Trip

Travel to one of the national parks or one of his favorite camping spots and spend some time camping. Organizing the trip and packing all of the supplies is a really thoughtful gesture and will give him a great experience! There are a ton of other activities you can pack into the camping trip to create lasting memories for him including fishing, hiking, swimming, and much more.

43. Frisbee Golfing

If your guy loves to get outside, frisbee golfing is a really fun experience gift. Spend the day outdoors while playing frisbee golf. Check around to see which local parks and areas offer frisbee golfing or you can even create your own course.


Hopefully you’ve gathered some ideas from this list of great experience gifts for men! Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, anniversary gift, or other special occasion, experience gifts are always a great idea. Get out there and start planning the perfect experience for him today!

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